watchOS 4: A Wonderful Innovation In The Apple Watch Software!

Apple has a norm to keep bringing something new to its customers. This is the reason why Apple’s popularity has increased significantly over the years, outnumbering many of its competitors.

Recently, Apple has announced the launch of the ‘watchOS 4’ software for its Apple Watch in WWDC 2017. Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, claims that the new watch is now even more intelligent, enabling its users to cherish a personalized experience. It means we will now be fascinated with a much improved and upgraded Apple Watch than before!

When will the watchOS 4 be available?

It is anticipated that the new watchOS will be launched later this year, possibly in September 2017, after passing through all the beta testing! If you are also an Apple fan and are eager to have this new smartwatch you have to keep waiting till then! Alternatively, you can sign-up as a beta tester and enjoy using the beta version which will be available by the end of June. Later on, after the release of the final watchOS 4, you can upgrade to the latest version. But obviously, you have to wait for the final word on the watch OS 4 release date by Apple.

What’s new in the Apple Watch?

Although the upgraded version may not have any substantial changes, as the watchOS comes in a further improved form with every update, it is believed to come up with some even better modifications this time! Listed here are some of the advancements which the new watchOS 4 is expected to have!

1. Customizable Home Screen Layout:

For all those who are tired of the conventional honeycomb view, watchOS 4 has launched the option to change it to the grid view. Moreover, the apps will also appear as a stack in your dock, thus saving you from repeated horizontal swiping on the screen. You can also sort your most used apps with watchOS 4!

The renovated home screen (particularly the grid view option) is expected to be highly welcomed since it caters your need for a quick view (a feature typical for a smart watch).

2. Siri Has Now Her Own ‘Siri’ Watch Face:

The famous ‘Siri’ now comes in with a very own proactive watch face – the ‘Siri’ watch face! Each time the user raises the wrist or turns on the watch face, the most relevant user info is displayed such as the traffic situation, weather conditions, reminders, scheduled meetings, etc. The information is based on the current date/time, the data stored in related apps including the Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, Activity, Workout, Alarms, and the updates from the Apple News app.

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3. Some Other New Watch Faces:

Apart from the Siri watch face, the watchOS 4 also brings some more watch faces. The first being the Kaleidoscope watch face that displays enchanting visual patterns by changing shapes. This watch face can be rotated using the Digital Crown.

The other watch faces are added to the group of Disney characters. We will now see the popular Toy Story characters, Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear in the Apple watch! You will also observe significant improvements in the behavior of these watch faces. For instance, the characters are now visually speaking with longer animations. Each time the wrist is rotated, the watch faces come up with a different behavior.

4. Colorful Watch Bands Enhances Your Look:

To make the watches look more ‘cool’, Apple has brought some vibrant watchbands for its customers. So, you can now wear your smartwatch with a band of your favorite color. This time, you are offered with vivacious Sports Bands and the Nike Sports Band options, with a bright yellow Classic Buckle. Continuing the trend of bringing diversity, Apple also offers the Pride Edition Woven Nylon in a rainbow stripe.

5. Activity App Now Sends Personalized Notifications:

The Activity app has been one the most attractive features of the Apple watch, particularly for those who are obsessed with achieving daily goals. The watchOS 4 also brings a smarter version of this app, which means you will now have a better ‘coach’ to monitor your activity goals.

With the new Apple watch, you will be excited to complete your Activity Rings, since the app keeps you updated on your progress throughout the day! You will receive regular notifications about your progress having a tone of encouragement. After accomplishing the goals, you will also receive enchanting congratulatory messages.

6. Stay Fit With ‘Workout’:

Apple’s Workout app has already proved to be the best companion for those fitness freaks! In the updated version, the app appears to be even more concerned for you to experience some real workout sessions. The latest features introduced in the app are sure to impress you with their accuracy!

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With the updated Workout app, you can enjoy better swimming sessions as the app continues to detect your movement and resting positions. It reads every rest at the end of the pool as the end of the first lap and the starting of a second one, thus recording accurate timings for you!

Another fascinating addition is its synchronization with the gym equipment. You can connect your watch to the machine by tapping the NFC tag (of course, it depends on whether your gym supports this option). In this way, the inaccuracy of treadmill records will not annoy you anymore, since there will be a two-way data exchange between your watch and the machine, providing you with accurate sessions records. The modified app is added with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, which notes down your heart rate.

Your Apple Watch has also become smart enough to realize that you do not want any annoying notifications during your workout. Thus, it will automatically turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode as soon as you begin; in the same way, it will be turned off at the end of your session!

Lastly, you can refresh yourself during these exhaustive sessions by listening to your favorite music. (Seems Apple has realized that workouts can, at times, be tiresome!) Just swipe to the left in your workout menu to see the options.

7. Enjoy Refreshing Experience With the New Music App:

When everything in your new Apple Watch has been modernized, how can the Music app be ignored? You can now relish listening to your favorite songs more conveniently through the redesigned Music app which syncs the Favorites, New Music, and the Most Played music. By rotating the Digital Crown, you can scroll through the fantastic album art! The latest Apple Watch will also support multiple playlists. (What more do you require from a smart watch?)

8. One-to-One Payment Is Now Easy:

Your watch will now make payment procedures secure for you. You can now enjoy making faster direct payments to your friends through ‘Apple Pay’ using Messages or Siri. The user will receive the amount in their Apple Pay Cash account, from where they can directly send it to someone, move it to their bank accounts, or can make purchases in stores and apps using Apple Pay.

Apart from the above features, the new Apple Watch will also be having a blinking light, which can be activated via Control Centre. Thus, it will also make your night runs easy. It is also claimed that the new watchOS will be much more responsive having an improved background app performance.

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The introduction of glucose monitoring option is also being heard, but there isn’t much information about it at present. Who knows what other surprises may come up with this new Apple watch!

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