How To Master iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus? (Tips & Tricks)

The introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have totally flipped the mobile industry upside down. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are two aggressive breaks from convention, wrapped in a case that look exactly similar to its predecessors. Continuity of the design, entirely new camera system, brightest and most colorful display is definitely a break from convention. Flagship phone of Apple, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is a transnational step to the vision of future, but it is not a complete expression of it. The seventh generation of the most famous product of Apple is incredibly a fantastic device.

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Traditional mobile gadgets have the capability of making calls, accessing the internet and playing music. iPhone made the mobile experience more accessible and exciting for the first time in history. iPhone introduced in 2007 inspired a generation of copycats. It has totally changed the game for hardware and software in mobile Industry. Today, Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus seizing a lot of power away from phone companies by making an outstanding addition in the history of iPhone.

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iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus: Tips And Tricks To Master Them!

Look back and trace the lineage of iPhone 7 and 7 plus back to its initial concept. You will find few surprises as well as differences in the seventh generation of iPhone. It is an iteration on previous with little differences in terms of design and operational requirements. Now, with iPhone 7, transform your whole mobile phone experience. Read the full story to know how you can master this new exciting device.

Apps, Stickers, and iMessage Games to Download

Own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus? Try most new iMessage Apps, sticker packs and games for the latest and greatest operating system, iOS 10. An iMessage App store, a most impressive feature of iPhone 7,  let the user download apps, games, and the stickers to use in iMessage conversation without leaving message app. iMessage App store is an extension of iPhone 7 that live in your iMessage conversations.

iOS 10 is the simple message app which is transforming the bare bones of texting platform into fun, interactive communication services and helping the user to take advantage of games, apps, drawing, stickers, message effects and much more. There are different scrolling panes each with a different app. Follow the below-mentioned steps if you haven’t installed an iMessage app.

  • Click App Store icon next to the text box in message
  • In bottom left corner tap four-dot icon
  • Hit the “+Store” icon

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These small apps live within your iMessage conversation. These are most excellent and most helpful as these are providing you information and content which you need for a conversation and let you play games in iMessage group discussions.

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iOS 10 Features You Must Try

iOS, proprietary mobile operating system, runs the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iOS 10 is the biggest software releases to date and coming with a lot to discover in iPhone 7. A lot of new features are hidden in iOS 10 just to make users hunt. Here are our favorite new features which you will definitely want to try.

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In iPhone 7 have text conversation from a locked screen. You can turn read receipts on a particular thread. Under-appreciated addition to iOS is live Photo editing feature. Through simple one-tap toggle, you can turn your photos into the short form of GIFs. Edit live photos for the first time in history. This super groundbreaking feature is bringing live photos on par with static shots. Get rid of the cluster of collection Apple apps in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus because you have the opportunity to delete a stock app which you think a crap or don’t need them.

Apple iOS 10 made it possible to convey a point faster and easier? Emojify is worth a try? Apple wants us to converse in emoji. Emojify all your texts for a day and enjoy the conversation.

Some Setting Tips and Tricks

iPhone 7 is not different from iPhone 6 or the one before. A set of perplexing rules, options, and setting panels are refreshments from the convention. It would be frustrating to figure out how to take advantage of new perks or how to revert something back. Users, who haven’t upgraded in two years, have to wrap their heads around 3D touch for the first time with iPhone 7. The new addition of bedtime feature changed Apple clock App a little bit. You can use bedtime feature to maximize by reminding you to sleep at the particular time of the day and wake up at the same time every day. Apple’s TouchID fingerprint reader was fast and work even when the user doesn’t want it. Therefore, in iOS 10, Apple has changed it now you have to press the home button to unlock your phone. If you want to adjust the unlock settings you can head over to settings, tap accessibility and find options for the home button.

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Built-in flashlight on iPhone is something which saves you when you hunt for keys in your bags. Locked screen of iPhone 7 has made it comfortable and bright for you. There are three different light setting accessible through 3D touch. Locked screen of iOS 10 is a lot stronger than ever before. Left swipe allow you to access the camera and swipe right to access a huge list of actionable and customizable widgets. Redesigned Control Center in iOS 10 legitimate to utilize the 3D touch. Use hard press on any of the four icons available in the bottom row and do things like automatically set timers and on selfie cam mode. You can also free up the home screen for software that matters and bury apps like calculator and camera in folders.

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