How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Without A Tracking App? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

While carrying your Android smartphone, you happily store all your related information in the cell, including the most sensitive data too! By doing so, your data remains handy without facing the stress of memorizing complex details (for instance, your bank account number might be the toughest thing to remember!) But as your Android phone stores every sensitive information, it necessarily requires to be protected from potential thefts or losses. What if your personal data goes into the wrong hands? How would let any intruder access all your pictures, account details, login credentials, etc. so quickly? Also, how would you get back those memorable images which you have lost with your cell phone? Here we are with a way to find your lost android phone without a tracking app.

In such situations, your first wish would be to get your phone previous back. If this is not possible, you will try to recover the lost data at least, or, just to lock your cell phone to protect your personal data from being accessed by an intruder.

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How to find your lost android phone?

To combat the risks for potential thefts, and to maintain the security of your phone, you will find various apps that claim to keep your phones safe! Nevertheless, you might not have installed them, perhaps due to lack of trust, or simply because of negligence. As soon as your cell phone is with you, you may consider installing these apps as a battery draining activity, however, the moment you lost your phone, you will realize the importance of such apps.

Can I protect my cell after losing it?

Google has realized that most of its customers do not prefer installing various tracking apps on their cell phones. Thus, it has introduced an exceptional tracking feature through which you can swiftly locate your phone even after it is lost – the Android Device Manager! The best part of this function is that there is no need to install a separate application for it. Rather all you need is to sync your device with your Google account!

Though this feature was launched back in 2013, most of you might still be unaware of the importance and usefulness of this option and may have kept this option turned off in your smartphone. If you have also done the same, then this article is for you!

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How to enable tracking on my Android phone?

Well, you just need to turn on the device locator option available under the setting menu of your phone. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to protect and track your cell if it is lost.

Step 1: Turn on Device Location Manager Option

The pre-requisite to be able to track your android phone is to turn the location detector on.

  • Browse to the settings menu of the Google Settings app in your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap the ‘Android Device Manager App’ appearing below.
  • Check the box appearing with ‘Allow remote lock and factory reset’.
  • Make sure the ‘Remotely locate this device’ option is already selected. In case it isn’t, click on it.
  • Select the option saying ‘Allow remote lock and factory reset’. A new screen will pop up asking you to allow wiping your device through remote access. Proceed to turn this option on.

Step 2: Turning on Android Device Manager

Now that you have turned on the option on your cell phone, the next step is to link this option with your Google account.

  • Log in your Google account online
  • Browse to the ‘Android Device Manager’ option.
  • Recheck once again on your phone that you have correctly chosen the Android Device Manager as the device administrator. For this, tap the ‘Security’ option appearing in the Settings menu, and select the ‘Phone Administrators’ option to make sure that ‘Android Device Manager’ is checked.
  • Now, in the online ADM, choose the device which you wish to sync (that could be Android phone or tablet) from the list of devices connected to your Google account.

Now your device is secured. If at any time, you lose access to your phone owing to a potential theft or accidental loss, you can now access your device remotely through your Google account.

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Step 3: Tracking my lost Android phone

As your phone is now synced with your account, you can access it from another device where the internet is available.

  • From another device (e.g., your tablet, laptop or a PC), just sign in to your Google account that was synced with your phone.
  • Select the Android Device Manager under the Settings menu (as mentioned in Step 2).
  • Choose the desired device from the list of associated devices appearing on screen.
  • After you select your phone, you are now able to access it remotely. A new screen will pop up with a map showing the location of your phone. You can also find the other controlling options such as ‘play sound’, ‘lock’, or ‘erase’.
  • The ‘play sound’ option is suitable if you have doubt that your device is misplaced somewhere near you. Instead of asking someone else to give a bell, you can yourself ring your phone by click on the ‘play sound’. This features rings your phone for 5 minutes at the highest volume levels and works well even when your device is set on silent mode.
  • You can lock your device by just tapping the ‘lock’ option. You will have to set up a new password which will then inactivate all previously passwords saved in your phone.
  • Using the erase option, you can delete all your phone’s data. This option works best in the case of theft, or if you are sure that you cannot get your lost phone back.

These easy steps will hopefully serve as a guide for you to track your lost phone in a hassle-free manner. Nevertheless, the need for protecting your phones from thefts and damages is still essential!

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