Some Common Smartphone Repairs You Can Do Yourself!

Suddenly, my alarm went off, I kicked my leg out as I jolted awake, making solid contact with my phone, which was lying at the foot of my bed for some reason. It landed on the floor, and the crash was loud. My phone screen was visible, apparently cracked and the case was dented. I flipped it open and greeted with a giant blob of broken camera and the case.

We are all inextricably tethered to our smartphone devices, and it is quite frustrating when these devices break. My options were few to repair my phone. I was left with the choice to visit a technician, mail in the phone service, drop the phone into a retail store or to take the responsibility of my phone repairing on my shoulders i.e. DIY.

Smartphones are excellent devices until they break. A cracked phone is not only a continuous inconvenience, but it can also be costly. It might be tempting to know that you can fix your phone on your own. Delve the ground of DIY little deeper; you will be surprised to know that DIY is not just a repairing solution. It is less expensive and an outstanding way of learning how the electronic hardware operates. A considerable set of skills and efforts are required if your skills are not up to the snuff then get ready for a disaster. DIY phone fixing activity is not all about having all good sometimes it ends up doing more harm to the repairer than good.

Some people are successful trying DIY common smartphone repairs, but at the same time, others are not.

Sometimes a cracked screen is not useful and sometimes few common phone disasters needs a DIY repair. Before running to the nearest repairing shop stop for a while! Let’s have a look at some common problems and an exhaustive list of some tips and tricks which I have compiled to make you smart to try to fix your phone repairing issues on your own.

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Broken Screen Repair

Smartphones are not indestructible devices as small screen outdated handsets. Throw your Nokia 5210 on the floor, you will find little discernable damages, but in the case of throwing smartphone, it is harder to avoid cracking, scratching or breaking of the screen. You can remove minor scuffs and scratches by making the use of scratch remover, turtle wax (car scratch removal product) and baking soda or baby powder.

There is nothing more than earth-shattering than a shattered smartphone screen. If your smartphone screen is soo scratched and it is impossible to buff out the scratches, then you can repair your screen by fixing it. In such case, the manufacturer offers expensive repairs but fixing a broken screen on your own can be simple cheap or extremely expensive depending on how it is built.  In each case, you are required to disassemble your device. Screen replacement would be costly when the glass and digitizer are fused. Screen replacement on your own will be cheaper too if both of them are not fused.

Overheated Phone

Have you ever find your phone in your pocket is scalding hot?

If so then your device is overheated. A smartphone gets heated when it works too hard or when apps like GPS or other features overwork the processor and the battery. You can cool down your phone and prevent such overheating in future by only trying some of the tips mentioned below.

Your phone is like a human, also need a space for breathing. Refrain from stuffing your device under the pillow and don’t keep it in your pocket for an extended period. If some apps are running on your device that relies heavily on the phone processor, then start closing them down as soon as possible. Before starting again give your phone some time for rest before you start using it. Another important consideration is to keep your phone away from heat. Don’t leave your phone charging near the heater in your house and don’t use your phone when you are lying in the sun.

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Soaked Or Water Damage Phone Repairing

Wheather clumsy waitress knocked a glass of water on your phone, or you accidentally dropped your phone in water. In both cases, you will end up with a device having lungs full of water. Getting a cell phone wet means, you have lost your device, and you need o replace it immediately. You can save your wet phone by following some of these steps. First,  of all get your phone out of the water if it is fully submerged in water.

Image Courtesy: Android Authority

Remove the battery immediately to keep the device safe from short circuit. Don’t turn your device off and avoid pressing buttons. You have to power down the device carefully if it ‘s hard to remove the battery. Remove the SIM card if you want to save your contacts and other information which your SIM have. If the device is broken, then you will be in need of SIM card for your new device. Another important step is to remove the case and softly wipe the remaining water from the phone. After driving the exterior of your device, you need something to absorb water on the interior. Rice or a desiccant, like silica gel, are tried and true remedy to dry the interior of your device.

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A damaged phone is never fun, but these easy DIY cell phone repairs can make your phone repairing experience great. If you are a technological dabbler with a broken phone and some spare time, then start fixing your device on DIY. A Little understanding and a particular set of tools and equipment is a must for successful repairing of your device on your own.

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