Apple's AirPods Remarkably Achieved 98% Satisfaction Rate!

Apple is the game changer in technology. It has the knack of examining the market and introducing its own version that leapfrogs the established competition in the market. Not just their gadgets are favorite of everyone but their peripheral devices and other accessories like Apple’s AirPods etc. are also very popular among the geeks.

According to a new survey carried out by Experian and a market research firm named Creative strategies, It is found that people are highly satisfied with the performance of Apple’s AirPods. 98 percent of the participants of the survey said that they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the AirPods and net 82 percent stated that they are “very satisfied” with it. The overall customer satisfaction rate of 98% sets a new record for any product from Apple. Back in 2007 when iPhone came into the market, almost 92% customer satisfaction was recorded, and for Apple Watch in 2015 it was 97%.

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942 Apple’s AirPod owners participated in the poll and customers were asked that if they would recommend others to buy a set of AirPods and most of them said YES. When they were asked to explain that why they are asking all other users to buy them, so they replied with words like fit, amazing sound quality, convenient, love, good, good sound, long battery life, and the convenience of a wireless experience.

In a series of general question, 82% of the survey respondents were strongly agreed that AirPods are their favorite recent product from Apple. A group of people also said they wanted some more control over the content like turning the volume up or changing the song while 84% stated that using one AirPod makes sense in certain situations.

Apple’s AirPods are priced at $159, and they first went on sale in October 2016. Current shipping estimates depict that any order placed today will receive it approximately after 6 weeks of ordering it which shows that how popular this product is in the market and there’s a gap between the demand and supply.

Apple has undoubtedly accomplished an unprecedented popularity among the tech geeks, they have succeeded in delivering a product which is making customer totally satisfied. The success rate of Apple’s AirPods is surely a factual and legitimate evidence that there will be very few unhappy owners of Apple products at the moment.

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