Apple Took A Long Way To Look Red Like An Apple!

Apple unveiled the new colored variant of its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It, not just another fancy colorway for the flagship but the sheen and luster is going far away beyond aesthetics. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the bright red aluminum finish is something which is stunning, incredibly exciting and attractive for the red lovers.

The tech giant, Apple, always considered the appetite for its color variants, from day iPhone, came in white to subsequent addition of gold, rose, black and jet black to the range. Apple, with a lack of fanfare rare, revealed its first ever designed Apple iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition, to support fighting against AIDS. It is now in stores and coming ahead turning a bright shade of red. iPhone 7 looks stunning with fiery crimson back, amplified by the slightly lighter shade of antenna band that catches light. Internally, this special Edition phone is identical to all iPhone 7 models. The shade of anodized aluminum rear is a break from convention. Stainless steel logo to the back of the phone is also making it different from other models of iPhone 7.

Why Apple Turned Out to be RED?

Say welcome to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition!

Apple launched iPhone, finished vibrant red aluminum in recognition of more than ten years of partnership with the charity (RED).

Recently launched iPhone 7 Product (RED) is a contribution to fight against AIDS. It is not a first Red product from Apple. In 10 years of partnership, the company has launched RED iPod Touch, RED iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle along with covers for the iPad. Even Apple auctioned Mac Pro in RED Edition for approximately $977,000 and a pair of gold Apple EarPods part of RED edition sold for over $400,000. You might be thinking about the deal behind these RED colored products. Apple red is not all about offering iPhone and iPods which the user can flaunt, but these Special Edition devices are the result of a partnership between Apple and the (RED).

(RED), a charity organization founded in 2006 by U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver, an activist, and attorney. The objective of this brand is to engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds to eliminate HIV/AIDS. Many other brands such as Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, Motorola, GAP, American Express, Armani involved in launching (RED) Edition Products. The idea behind the partnership of Apple with (RED) is to donate the 50% profits from these (RED) Edition products to (RED) organization and to contribute to The Global Fund to the fight against AIDS/ HIV.

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Apple has been partnering with (RED) for last ten years. Cupertino technology giant is raising significant sums for the organization. It has reported that in 2013 the company raised over $65 million for the charity in its fight against AIDS. (RED) Acknowledged that Apple was leading the crew by adding $130 million to this funds. Not just hardware products are available in RED edition Apple also had Special Edition apps where funds from all in purchase apps were devoted to The Global Funds.

The Global Funds used the antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for HIV patients in Sub-Saharan African nations. These drugs are used to suppress the HIV and ensure that the patients remain AIDS-free and live a healthy life. AIDS and HIV is a serious problem in many countries despite new medication which is still very expensive. The Global Funds working towards the eradication of HIV and AIDS and Apple is significantly contributing to this cause of social responsibility. Don’t wonder the existence of Apple (RED) because it is more than just color.

Big Reasons to Fall in Love with Red

The Apple iPhone 7 Product (RED) another fancy colorway for the flagship. There is plenty of reasons to Love new red-tinged iPhone 7. Here is the glimpse of those reasons:

The iPhone 7 Product(RED) is For A Good Cause

Apple will add a certain amount of fund to the Global Fund for HIV and AIDS for each device sold. You are purchasing iPhone 7 (RED) means you are contributing to a good cause. Apple is the largest contributor to The Global Funds that supports HIV and AIDS programs. Make sure that Apple has already managed to shell out $130 million. The money which Apple is earning from you goes into an attempt to rid the world of AIDS once and for all. Buying Product(RED) is saving lives and Apple is doing an excellent job by raising money for AIDS fundings. You will not only find iPhone 7  inimitable from a design perspective but the for a cause too.

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Just Look at This Thing of Beauty

A wide range of publications and pictures are not doing justice with the iPhone 7 Product (RED). On the web, it looks washed out and dull, but real life encounters a different story. iPhone 7 Product (RED) is a thing of beauty and most obvious is the red matte finished back panel of the device. Subtle gradient and shading effects are making the product much more dynamic and unique.

Sharp red back and bright white front bezels, is something more than a perfect color combination which is bringing to mind an actual, honest-to-goodness Apple. Meanwhile, stainless steel rear Apple Logo with reflective silver color is an addition to the beauty of the device.

The Details and Subtle Design Elements

The red color is the most striking feature of the device, but subtle design elements are making iPhone 7 (Product) RED fantastic. It is evident that Apple has carefully considered the theme of the device and prominent features as well. Well, blended antennas slightly raised camera bump to provide different looks from various intensities of light are some of those features.

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Apple, remarkable tech giant and an iconic brand in the world stands for innovation because an invention is nothing without innovation. To cut the story short, the iPhone 7 (Product) RED is not just a tinge of color; this adaptive hue changed its luster and contrast. In better words, we can say that you will fall in love with this eye candy because of a real and an innovative cause behind this.

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