Get The Best Out Of Your iPhone 7: Some Useful Apple Tips And Tricks!

While talking about an iPhone, the first thing that strikes your mind is a cool cell phone with great features. Most of us become a fan of it due to its basic features – a remarkable camera, secure accessibility, longer battery time, fast processor, etc. But, is iPhone all about these general features? Ever pondered what else could be done to get the best results from your iPhone? Here are some Apple tips and tricks that will make you able to fully utilize your iPhone.

All You Need To Know About Apple Tips And Tricks!

The newer versions, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are equipped with an even better version of iOS. However, there are some other features as well that will indeed keep you glued to your phone. Though the design of latest versions is not as attractive, here are some very useful tips and tricks that will make you realize how good it is to have the latest iPhone!

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1. Enjoy A Customizable Home Button:

Missing the older physical home button on your iPhone? Well, though it can’t be restored in the newer versions, the best part of the onscreen home button is that it is customizable.  It gives feedback in the form of vibrations. Just go through the home button settings, and choose your desired level of feedback.

2. Enjoy Waterproof Functioning:

This is something that has been a temptation in the latest iPhones for everyone! Its water resistance doesn’t mean that you can freely swim while keeping your phone in your pocket! However, the chances of accidental damage because of water are now much more minimized. These phones have been tested to function well after being kept in 1-meter deep water for about 30 minutes (still a better feature though!).

3. Set Up Better Passcodes For Security:

At first instance, the demand for a six-digit passcode may screw you up if you prefer having conventional four-digit codes. But relax, your iPhone 7 gives you the option to select the classic 4-digit passcode too! Browse through the settings and click on ‘passcode options’ to choose the desired mode. You can also set up an alphanumeric passcode to make your phone more secure!

Striving to improve communication with your friends, Apple has launched some exciting options in the latest iOS 10! These additions will definitely make messaging an enjoyable experience for you!

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4. Send ‘Invisible Messages’ To Your Friend:

Another attractive feature in iOS 10 is the provision of sending secure messages by making them invisible. Sounds, interesting, right?

It’s not so hard to make your messages invisible. Just type your message, and press and hold the send arrow to reveal the effects interface. From here, click on ‘invisible ink’ to make the text invisible. When received by your friend, the text will not appear unless he/she deliberately taps the message.

5. Send Handwritten Messages Too:

As in recent antecedents (iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus), iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also give you the option to send handwritten messages to your friends in a hassle-free manner! Just rotate your phone to the landscape mode while chatting. Then, you will see a canvas where you can write whatever you want by swiping your finger on the phone screen. Once your message is complete, click on ‘done’; your message will now be sent in the hand-written form.

6. Double-tap Spacebar to Add Full Stop:

Though it may sound a bit unimportant, you will realize the time-saving facility of this option while practically using it. Now, you don’t need to browse through the symbols menu to add a full stop; just double-tap the space button quickly to end up your sentence!

7. Quick ‘Undo’ Options:

You may see an ‘undo’ button in the keyboard when you are typing in the landscape mode. However, what if you are using portrait mode?

Well, there is a hidden shortcut for it in the portrait mode (though it may sound a bit shaky). Whenever you want to undo your last action, just give your phone a ‘shake’, and the undo/redo dialogue box will pop-up!

Seeing the range of new camera options in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it seems Apple has recognized the craze for taking selfies and photos. Below are some of the outclass camera features that you can enjoy on your latest iPhone!

8. The Lock Screen Camera Shortcut Is Still There:

Do you also miss the standard lock screen camera shortcut in your latest iPhone? Well, the feature is still available in your cell, it’s just that, it is hidden. You can still enjoy the shortcut by swiping on the lock screen to the left; the camera will open instantly.

9. More Better Pics For ‘Selfie’ Lovers:

This time, both iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus come with remarkable features to take clearer and realistic self-images. Besides improving front camera from 5MP to 7MP, you can take better pictures with other incredible features, including the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), 4-LED boosted flash and wider lens aperture, even in low light conditions! Moreover, the dual camera feature is also a ‘plus’ in iPhone 7 plus! You will discover other useful features yourself when using your phone’s camera.

10. Your Live Photos Are Even Better Now:

In previous variants, the option for taking ‘live photos’ was introduced; however, it was not giving accurate results. In the latest iPhone 7, forget about the previous shaky live photos. You can enjoy taking ‘live photos’ with better results due to the stabilization feature. Moreover, editing options are now also offered, making your live photos appear even better!

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11. Take Pictures During Video Recording:

Have you missed taking snaps of some memorable moments only because you were recording a video? Then your iPhone 7 has made your wish come true, as you can now capture any striking instance amidst video recording!

While shooting a video, just tap on the camera button appearing on-screen, and you can capture any moment without breaking your video. The quality of the picture may not be as best as generated through the camera mode, the result is, however, still good to be preserved as a picture!

Are you a music lover too? Apple has also taken care of music fans by introducing improved features for a better sound. Wondering how?

12. You Can Still Enjoy Headphones:

Here is good news for all those iPhone users who miss headphone jack in the newer version. Apple provides an adapter with every iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, by which you can connect headphones having 3.5mm jack to it. So, if you just have bought an iPhone 7, or are going to buy one, don’t miss the adapter present in the box below the EarPods.

 13. Enjoy Music With Lyrics:

Apple has now introduced an interesting feature for its music-lover customers – the option to get the lyrics! While listening to music in your iPhone 7, tap the ‘now playing’ option to see the options available for your song, then click on the dotted lines to bring up another menu having the option of ‘Lyrics’ – you can now sing along accurately while listening to the song!

Presently, this feature is in development phase; if the option doesn’t seem working for a song, it means Apple has yet to add it to the library!

Aren’t these features fascinating? But wait, the story is not over yet, as your iPhone 7 brings some more interesting options for you!

14. Turn off Haptic Feedbacks:

By default, your iPhone sends feedback in the form of vibrations for every function you perform. This feature is now, however, customizable. Your phone gives you the option to turn these vibrations on or off!

15. Customizable ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature:

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ option is, indeed, one of the most useful features in your iPhone, ensuring no disturbance when you are working or want to sleep! You can also set up the hours or timings each day during which you want complete isolation.

A useful addition to it is the provision of adding exceptions in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. It means you will still be notified about any urgent messages/calls from your favorite contacts, without being bothered by others!

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16. Customizable ‘raise-to-wake’ option:

One of the exciting features introduced in iOS 10 is the option to unlock your phone just by picking it up! It saves the time that would otherwise be spent on swiping the screen to unlock! However, if you still want to unlock screen manually, you can easily turn this option off through the settings menu!

17. Remove Useless Default Apps Too:

By default, your iPhone is provided with a range of apps that may only be a ‘clutter’ for you if you don’t use them, but deleting such apps was not possible! However, the newest variants of iPhone give you the option to remove one or more default apps that are not necessary for you! These apps can easily be reinstalled at the time of need from the app store!

18. Purchase Apps For Your Family:

That’s right! Your iPhone allows you to share your purchased apps with your loved ones free of cost! Just enable ‘Family Sharing’ through the settings, add the name of the person(s) with whom you want to share the app under the ‘Add Family Member’ option, and send an invitation to him/her via email or message. Now the other person just needs to visit the App Store and click on ‘Purchased’ and browse to the desired app to start the download.

If we compare iPhone 7 with the previous variations, we may not notice a significant difference in their designs. Nevertheless, if we focus on the range of options offered in the latest version, iPhone 7 will appear to be the best product! The tips given here are merely a highlight of how your iPhone can serve you at its best!

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