Android Vs iOS: Which One Is the Best (And Why)?

Mobile devices are ingrained in our lives. The technology behind the device and emergence of the internet have made the smartphone mini computers of the 21st century. Just like Linux and window operating systems which are used to control desktops and laptops there are several mobile operating systems designed to control these highly capable devices. A mobile operating system or mobile OS is an operating system which is specifically designed to run the mobile devices. An operating system is something which is used to determine all the functions and features such as thumb wheel, keyboard, WAP, synchronization with applications, email, and text messaging and much more available on a particular device. In the race of mobile operating systems, people are always confused between Android Vs iOS and wondering about what to buy? In this write-up, we are going to distinguish and discuss the differences between Android and iOS and decide who’s best and why? Either Android or iOS which is better?

Mobile user community includes people with adequate knowledge and information about the different cell phone and their companies, but very few of them exactly know about the operating system. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about different mobile OS to have a better idea of the science and technology behind smooth and colorful touch screen of your device. A mobile OS manages cellular and wireless network connectivity as well as phone accessibility, and it is tied up to specific hardware with little flexibility.

“Android or iPhone?” is the most contentious question. Finding an accurate answer to this question depends on the familiarity and experiences with a particular system. You are in the market for new smartphones but finding a best digital horse to put your money behind is a difficult task. Here is a quick rundown of two mobile behemoths. I will break the battle down into categories to find the winner of the game in the field of the mobile operating system.


You can trace the roots of the Android phone back in October 2008 with the launch of T-Mobile G1. Whereas, the first iPhone was launched in June 2007. Since then substantial changes in these two operating system have occurred. One thing to keep in mind is that initially, the iOS operating system was not capable of supporting third party apps. None of these two operating systems was as user-friendly as they are today.

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Initially, Android OS launch by Google was not able to support virtual key board. There was a lack of app store and multi touch capability. Today, Android is one-eighth iteration since inception. Original Apple iOS was introduced in 2007, and it was also inferior to the current version. Google Maps, Home button, on-screen keyboard and the first modern touch screen smartphone was introduced was the first iOS. Apple allowed this operating system to work on iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. On the other hand, Google allowed Android on different devices. Both operating systems have come a long way since their introductions.

Key Differences Between Both: Android Vs iOS


The Apple iOS is a multi-touch, multitasking operating system which is running the Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This particular version software is also used to power the Apple Watch.

iOS respond to finger touch of the user. Tap your finger on the screen to open a program, pinch together to minimize or enlarge an image or swipe your finger to change the pages. You cannot use third party system on Apple iOS. This mobile operating system includes Safari web browser for internet use, an iPod application for playing music and Apple mail for managing the emails on the phone. Millions of applications are available on the App store encompassing everything from recipe books to guitar tutorials and games. You can download these apps on any device running iOS either it is an iPhone or an iPad.

Android OS owned by Google and powered by Linux kernel is also running on a large number of devices. It is an open source operating system which allows developers to access free hardware and develop a new program. It means Android provide unlimited access to developers and place minimal restrictions on licensing. So, this operating system is dominating smartphone industry with a broad spectrum of users. Ability to customize multiple home screens and an excellent capacity for multitasking is something which is making Android winner among all other mobile operating systems.


A most appealing aspect of the iOS ecosystem is simplicity. The list of devices running Apple iOS is comparatively short. It means testing iOS application would be less cumbersome as compared to other mobile operating system and platforms.

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Android is surpassing iOS regarding market share. But another part of the story reveals that iOS platform accounts for more than 50% of the web usage on mobile devices. It means iOS is a most widely used operating system in mobile space. Both mobile players want to lock the user in their respective app ecosystems, but in this case, Apple is more serious than Google. You will not be able to find any support for cloud or Apple mail on Android, but Google apps are available on iPhones and iPads. Undoubtedly, Google is the most flexible choice. But if you are not concern about the cross platform compatibility then you must have to go for the Apple’s ecosystem.

Apps Available on Android Vs iOS

Google play store provide apps to Android OS. Currently, there are more than 600,000 apps are available at the Google play store most which will run on a tablet. However, there is a separate store for some Android devices such as Kindle Fire with a small selection of apps. Some originally iOS apps are available for Android.

On the other hand, Apple play store is offering more than 700,000 apps and 250,000 of which are available for iPad. iOS is developers’ first and most preferable choice for developing games. YouTube application is unavailable for iOS, but Apple app store is offering a wide range of exclusive apps and popular games. The bottom line of the story is that a wide range of exclusive apps is available on both app stores.

Software Upgrades

Google does not update Android system frequently. Users do not receive software updates on their phone, and they don’t even purchase a phone with out of date software. Phone manufacturers decide on software upgrades. These manufacturers do not offer software updates to all phones and tablets in their product line. Even the phone manufacturers’ offer upgrades few months after the launch of the new version in the market.

Whereas, iOS users have an advantage in this area. iOS upgrades are available to all the devices running iOS mobile operating system. There is an exception in the case of older devices because you cannot have all the new features in an upgrade if you have an old device.

Mobile payments and Security

Google wallet is most commonly used the app for mobile payments. Some android phones are equipped with NFC chip to make wireless payments. This service is integrated into with Google wallet, but this is not available on all Android devices. The ios payment system is known as Apple Pay. This payment system for iOS devices is integrated with fingerprint identification. Which has made mobile payment system easier to use and simpler to handle for the user? In fact, it is also said that Apple pay kindled user interest in mobile payments and prompted Android users to discover this feature on their phones. Moreover, another plus point for iOS is that iPhone is a more secure platform than Android. It means this system and application are less vulnerable to bugs and errors.

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Ultimately we can end the debate between Android OS Vs iOS on a note with the best choice for you. Android is flawed, fragmented openness and quality experience in a closed environment in case of Apple are enforcing us to recommend you iOS over Android. Transparency sounds good when we talk about a lifestyle or political philosophy, but in the case of smartphones, it is hard to beat the iOS operating system. iPhone or iOS is safe, customizable, enjoyable and easy to use. Last but not the least most significant feature is that it is connected with the best quality app store.

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