5 Things Going Wrong With Hardware Of Your Android!

Android is known for offering exceptional reliability, stability, and protection from malware. It is taking off the training wheel from iPhones and letting the consumer choose from the swath of hardware and software. There are some great features which influence users to purchase Android. 83% of the smartphones sale is Android devices. But, at some point in time, it stops working.

WDS conducted a year-long study and revealed that Android phones are more prone to hardware issues as compared to another type of devices. According to this study, more common problems are related to keypad/button failures, microphone, and battery issues.

If you got problems with Android? Or you are using an Android phone with a cracked screen, taking pictures with the hazy camera, barely listening music and functioning with the battery which dies after 3 hours. Then don’t wonder anywhere, focus here on knowing how you can fix your hardware issues of your device. Most of the time hardware issues are relatively straightforward to be fixed. Here is the rundown of some most common problems which you can fix with less time and efforts.

Cracked Screen

Android phones are more durable than iPhones, but it does not articulate that these devices are immune to damages. Dropping a phone means you will end up looking at a cracked screen. It’s Okay if your phone is broken, it happens, but the good news is that you don’t have to buy a new one because there are several ways which can help you to repair it on your own. A smartphone with a cracked screen can ruin your day or even a month if you don’t have a right repairing option.

The cheapest way to repair a screen is to fix through DIY screen replacement option or use screen protector or tape to keep the screen in current condition to increase functionality and usability of the device. Moreover, a real repairing option is to contact the manufacturer or a third party to get the screen repaired. Do some research to find out best improving service provider with a warranty on their work.

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Charging Issues

If your phone is taking ages to recharge and you are always scrambling through the charging session then don’t worry you are not alone in this journey. Many of us are facing same issues at some point in time. We all end up a long day with the phone which is the brink of dying, it is even more frustrating for many of us when we get home and plug the charger into it, but nothing happens. To get yourself back in the golden days when your phone didn’t take all night to get charge it is important for you to diagnose the issue and find a remedy for it.

Bad cable, bad adapter or weak power sources can cause slow charging. Moreover, obstructed USB port and a bad battery are some of the root causes behind the ailment of slow charging issue. So, to resolve the charging issue remove warped or broken charging port and a faulty cable. Try to charge your device by using another charging cable or charging adapter.

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Hazy Camera

Your camera is unable to focus on an object, and the pictures are coming out of it are blurred. You have checked camera setting and reset it, but still, you are getting blurred pictures then make sure that the problem is not with your software. Camera lenses are made up of plastic which gets scratched easily. A little smudge which is barely noticeable to the human eyes sometimes has big effects on camera lenses. To resolve this issue give your camera a splendid clean. Still, it is not working then have your lenses replaced. Quality is an important consideration for lenses. Therefore, it is advisable to get your camera lenses repaired from the manufacturer.

Water Damages

Your phone is a very high tech device with the worth of multiple hundred dollars. Whether your phone get wet with an unexpected dive into water or you drop it into a sink or toilet, then chances are very high that it will get unusable if it is not waterproof. When your phone gets wet, then turn it off immediately. Water itself have no damages for a phone but electricity of the phone can cause a problem when it meets with water. Focus on getting your phone dry. Don’t turn it on and press any key, disassemble the device and wipe the exterior with a vacuum cleaner or paper towel to dry it.

Image courtesy: Android Authority

Failing Battery

Failing battery slows down the charging of the device or makes it die faster than the characters of Game of Thrones. Check efficient power settings of your device to check if there is failing battery issue or not. Certain apps, turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on can cause drainage of a battery in minutes. So make sure that you turn these apps and features off after using it. If there is a problem with the battery, then replace it immediately.

Image courtesy: TechRepublic


Android devices are the physical devices which eventually break. Android phones are considered as good smartphones, but some nasty hardware damages affect the functionality and usability of these devices. Precautionary measures are important to save your device from these occasional sufferings. Moreover, there are many other things which you can do to fix hardware issues of your Android device.

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