15 Checks To Perform Before You Buy Used iPhone!

Apple’s iPhone is one of those smartphones that is almost favorited by every other smartphone geek. According to a survey, almost 15.5% of the total smartphone users are using iPhone manufactured by Apple. Honestly and factually speaking iPhone is among those devices that are considered as the most reliable and stable gadgets but due to its high prices, everyone isn’t able to afford it. But like all other used and refurbished android smartphones are available in the market the availability of used and refurbished iPhones in the mobile market has made it quite easy and accessible for everyone to enjoy the amazing user experience. In fact, it has been observed that many people now prefer to buy used iPhone rather than going for a box pack and a brand new device. Buying a used iPhone is a risk also because there’s no augmented and after sales warranty of these devices and once they suffer from any problem there’s no other solution rather than investing in the repair. For this reasons based on a research and study, our amazing team has come up with a set of 15 different checks you should perform before you buy a used iPhone. These checks are literally life-saving and you can minimize your loss up to an obsolete value so why wait? let’s see what are these checks are that you should perform before buying a used iPhone:-

  • The Physical Condition Looks Good
  • The iPhone Is Not Fake
  • Verify The ESN And IMEI Number
  • Verify That The Device Isn’t Carrier/ iCloud Locked
  • Check For The Water Damage
  • Test The Camera Before You Buy Used iPhone
  • Test The Battery Life Of iPhone
  • Verify WiFi, Bluetooth, And GPS Are Working Fine
  • Check All The Physical Ports
  • All The Physical Buttons Are Working Perfectly
  • Check The Speaker Of The Phone
  • Check In-Call Sound Quality
  • Make Sure The Touch ID And 3D Feature Is Working Properly
  • Examine The Display And Check For Dead Pixels
  • Make Sure All The Accessories Along With Are Original

Here are the 15 things you need to verify before you buy used iPhone. Now, let’s break these checks and discuss exactly how you can perform these checks and how to buy a used iPhone?

1. The Physical Condition Looks Good

The first thing to check is the physical condition of the used iPhone you are about to buy. Make sure the body don’t have any major or even minor damages, scratches or any other type of dents. This just not only makes your device look ugly but may have negative impacts on the performance also wherever you will take this device along with you which is physically affected or damaged your first impression towards others will not be good and keep remember that, the first impression is the last impression!

2. The iPhone Is Not Fake

Again, a very important check you have to perform before you buy used iPhone. There are lots of scams and frauds happening in the market right now and especially when it is about iPhone. Many vendors around the world are manufacturing fake iPhones which apparently looks exactly same like an original iPhone. Here’s a way to determine that if an iPhone is real or fake!

3. Verify The ESN And IMEI Number

It is a global reality that every other cell phone that is being manufactured in every new second has a unique serial number or a unique identification number which is used to get the stolen device locked or even track it. This unique serial number is also known as IMEI number of that device. iPhone is normally offered by multiple carriers and general public prefer buying it from carriers but the thing is if an IMEI of iPhone is registered on Verizon carrier then it is locked i.e. If you will insert a SIM of any other carrier like AT&T it won’t work at all. That is why chances are higher that if you buy a used iPhone it is maybe carrier locked, stolen or locked due to non-payments so please cross check and verify the IMEI number.

To verify IMEI number go to Settings >> General >> About. Or dial *#06# directly and the IMEI will appear on the screen. You can verify the IMEI number at the different websites and make sure that the device isn’t blacklisted or factory unlocked.

4. Verify That The Device Isn’t Carrier/ iCloud Locked

As mentioned above that with the help of IMEI you can check whether the iPhone is stolen, blocked, blacklisted or carrier locked.To specifically check whether your device is a carrier or even iCloud locked or not you have to process your IMEI number in the Apple Activation Lock Status ToolT, here you will enter your IMEI number and within seconds the tool will tell you the status of your device.

5. Check For The Water Damage

Those who’ve buy used iPhone before must’ve gone through this trauma. Water damage in iPhone is one of those problems that are really depressing and it is quite hard to identify that if the iPhone is water damaged or not. But wait, we are here to solve your problem we are going to tell you the easiest and the most legitimate way of checking the water damage in a used iPhone. The worst part of Apple is that no matter if you are buying a used iPhone and purchasing it brand new from the store, the warranty doesn’t cover anything about the water damage and this damage cause lots of malfunctions in a device. So before you buy used iPhone make sure that the phone haven’t gone through any type of water damage now the thing is, How to check if your iPhone is water damaged or not?

In the SIM slot, Apple has secretly installed an LCI (liquid contact indicator) if the iPhone have ever experienced a water damage it will turn red otherwise the color remain same. So, whenever you are about to buy used iPhone please do check for the water damage. Keep this remember that the LCI will never turn red with temperature changes or humidity Apple explained that it will turn to red only when contacted directly with a fluid like water.

6. Test The Camera Before You Buy Used iPhone

One of the easiest as well as the most critical part of checking your iPhone. Simply check the camera of your iPhone by taking pictures and making videos. Compare the results of this iPhone with the results of any other original one. This way you can verify the performance and results of your camera. Make a video of at least 30 seconds and make sure it goes flawlessly if you experience any lags while recording this be confirmed that there’s some issue in the hardware of the device.

7. Test The Battery Life Of iPhone

Battery life is one of the biggest issues and factors for which smartphone users are always concerned about. Everybody want a device with a strong and powerful battery that lasts long. Before you buy used iPhone please do check and test the performance of your battery. Keep the brightness of the device at high, turn on all the features and play high definition videos along with keeping an eye on the battery. If it drains unusually then be assured that the battery of the device is weak and if it drops in a very normal manner then you can go with buying this device, the battery is OK!

8. Verify WiFi, Bluetooth, And GPS Are Working Fine

Before buying a used iPhone you must check that all these features like Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS are working fine and properly. Verify that all the features are working flawlessly without any breaks and variations if it is checked that all things are working well then it is confirmed that the previous owner hasn’t done anything abnormal with this device and you can progress buying it.

9. Check All The Physical Ports

Usually, there are only 2 ports in an iPhone one is for charging and secondly is the headphone jack. Check them simply by plugging in the charger if the device is getting charged properly then the charging port is fine. Plug in the headphone into the jack test them if the transmission of the sound is good and smooth then this is all good. Skip to next check!

10. All The Physical Buttons Are Working Perfectly

The home button that is also used as a Touch ID fingerprint button, the power button, and the volume rockers make sure all the physical buttons are functioning softly and there is no issue while pressing it.

11. Check The Speaker Of The Phone

Play some music on it in a loud sound, play games, play videos and check whether the sound quality is good or not. If you feel even a single bit of disturbance in the sound quality then there are chances that the speaker of this device is malfunctioned.

12. Check In-Call Sound Quality

Make a call and check the transmission of voice, determine whether you are facing any hurdles while talking on the call. This way you can check 2 things, one the speaker of the device and secondly the mouthpiece. If the call goes well then you can continue buying this device but wait, there are 3 checks left.

13. Make Sure The Touch ID And 3D Feature Is Working Properly

In the latest model of iPhone like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and in the newer version there’s a new but really sensitive technology added by Apple which is also known as 3D touch feature this is an amazing way to press the screen little bit harder and access different features just in one touch.

14. Examine The Display And Check For Dead Pixels

One of the most important checks to perform is to verify that the display of the device is working accurately and perfectly. Make sure there are no dead pixels on the screen and you can use the dead pixel tool to check out whether your display is fine or not.

15. Make Sure All The Accessories Along With Are Original

Try to buy used iPhone which is along with its complete and original accessories. The box should be IMEI matched along with original charger, ear pods, and all other accessories as it really values a lot. You can check the originality of the accessories by comparing it with the details available on the internet publicly.

Once, you are done with performing all these checks and convinced that the results are positive and satisfactory you can now buy used iPhone. Just try to convince the seller to give at least 3 days or a full week checking warranty so just in case of any issue you can claim it. If you are wondering about the places from where to buy a used iPhone? then visit our gadget store in Katy, Texas.

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