10 Fascinating And Unknown iPhone Facts You Haven’t Heard About!

iPhone is one of the top selling product by Apple and it is everyone’s favorite gadget as well. Apple inaugurated a new milestone with the launch of iPhone back in 2007. The craziness of the geeks can be imagined with this that whenever a new iPhone model is surfaced by the Apple in the market people stands in the queues for hours and hours just to get the new model of iPhone. We all know that iPhone is well known for the quality and the stability they have been offering in their products.It has been now almost 8 years that Apple has revolutionized the smartphone market totally and had also acquired a big market share as well. But apart from this do you know everything else that is also a part of history related to iPhone. Here we are going to tell you about ten fascinating and unknown iPhone facts you didn’t know or have heard anywhere else on the web and maybe these unknown facts about iPhone may also put you in a shock. Let’s have a look in it:-

  1. The first iPhone wasn’t the first

Just after Apple announced its new smartphone named as iPhone the giant from networking industry Cisco sued Apple for using the name ‘iPhone’ for their product. According to Cisco iPhone was their product which was designed as a VoIP device that works with the Skype calling. Cisco’s iPhone was announced just 22 days earlier than the Apple’s iPhone later, both parties agreed to a settlement and the issue was resolved. This is one of the most rare unknown iPhone fact!

  1. Apple’s app store was the first store to download an app

Apple came up with this revolutionary idea of introducing an app store from where users could legally download the applications directly rather than downloading the pirated and the cracked versions of the app.

  1. A Bono is hidden in your iPhone

Bono was the lead singer of a rock band U2. You might be thinking that where is that hidden Bono in your iPhone? It is in the music app of your device, the icon of artists section is a performing Bono. Hence, another unkown iPhone fact that is quite shocking!

  1. It is always 9:41 am in iPhone ads

You might have noticed in the ads of iPhone that the time is always set to 9:41 am that is because usually the events that are held by Apple starts at 9 am and the ads keep appearing to around 40 minutes before the presentation. Officials from Apple said that we always took a space of 40 minutes before the start of presentation and we kept this extra minute as a leverage.

  1. iPhone is Apple’s most profitable product

Apple’s iPhone is the company’s primary revenue generating machine and it generates almost 70% of the total revenue for Apple. According to financial reports, Apple has over $200 billion spared in the banks.

  1. iPhone takes processors from Samsung

Samsung and Apple may be rivalries and keep trolling each other in the market but the matter of the fact is; both have strong business relationships at the back end. The processor chips that are being used in the manufacturing of Apple’s iPhone are designed by Samsung.

  1. iPhone was awarded as an invention of the year

The idea that was introduced by Apple was considered too much creative and amazing that the famous TIMES magazine quoted the device invention of the year.

  1. iPhone was about to come with a plastic display

As seen in the prototypes initially, Apple planned to keep the display of the iPhone made of plastic. But later we saw a display which was made with a glass this happened because the testers from Apple were not satisfied with the durability of a plastic screen and the pioneer of Apple Steve Jobs personally experienced that the plastic screen was getting scratched so rapidly that is why the display of the iPhone opted with a glass.

  1. Cydia is not just a software

Cydia is the name of famous jailbreaking software which unlocks the iPhone that is locked with a software update. Cydia was actually named after a worm Cydia pomonella which is found to be most common worm found in Apple (fruit). The founder of Cydia being clever named his jailbreaking software after this worm.

  1. iPhone has over 200+ patents

When iPhone was launched in 2007 the Apple purchased over 200 different patents for iPhone that were related to different technologies. These were included in the first iPhone and rest of will be featured in future products.

We are sure that you haven’t read these interesting facts about iPhone anywhere else and still, there are many that aren’t discussed here because of the confidential policies of Apple. If you think that there is something unlisted here please do let us know via comments and if you really enjoyed the read don’t just forget to share it with your friends! 🙂

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