Android Vs iOS: Which One Is the Best (And Why)?

Android Vs iOS: Which One Is the Best (And Why)?

Mobile devices are ingrained in our lives. The technology behind the device and emergence of the internet have made the smartphone mini computers of the 21st century. Just like Linux and window operating systems which are used to control desktops and laptops there are several mobile operating systems designed to control these highly capable devices. A mobile operating system or mobile OS is an operating system which is specifically designed to run the mobile devices. An operating system is something which is used to determine all the functions and features such as thumb wheel, keyboard, WAP, synchronization with applications, email, and text messaging and much more available on a particular device. In the race of mobile operating systems, people are always confused between Android Vs iOS and wondering about what to buy? In this write-up, we are going to distinguish and discuss the differences between Android and iOS and decide who’s best and why? Either Android or iOS which is better?

Mobile user community includes people with adequate knowledge and information about the different cell phone and their companies, but very few of them exactly know about the operating system. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about different mobile OS to have a better idea of the science and technology behind smooth and colorful touch screen of your device. A mobile OS manages cellular and wireless network connectivity as well as phone accessibility, and it is tied up to specific hardware with little flexibility.

“Android or iPhone?” is the most contentious question. Finding an accurate answer to this question depends on the familiarity and experiences with a particular system. You are in the market for new smartphones but finding a best digital horse to put your money behind is a difficult task. Here is a quick rundown of two mobile behemoths. I will break the battle down into categories to find the winner of the game in the field of the mobile operating system.


You can trace the roots of the Android phone back in October 2008 with the launch of T-Mobile G1. Whereas, the first iPhone was launched in June 2007. Since then substantial changes in these two operating system have occurred. One thing to keep in mind is that initially, the iOS operating system was not capable of supporting third party apps. None of these two operating systems was as user-friendly as they are today.

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Initially, Android OS launch by Google was not able to support virtual key board. There was a lack of app store and multi touch capability. Today, Android is one-eighth iteration since inception. Original Apple iOS was introduced in 2007, and it was also inferior to the current version. Google Maps, Home button, on-screen keyboard and the first modern touch screen smartphone was introduced was the first iOS. Apple allowed this operating system to work on iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. On the other hand, Google allowed Android on different devices. Both operating systems have come a long way since their introductions.

Key Differences Between Both: Android Vs iOS


The Apple iOS is a multi-touch, multitasking operating system which is running the Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This particular version software is also used to power the Apple Watch.

iOS respond to finger touch of the user. Tap your finger on the screen to open a program, pinch together to minimize or enlarge an image or swipe your finger to change the pages. You cannot use third party system on Apple iOS. This mobile operating system includes Safari web browser for internet use, an iPod application for playing music and Apple mail for managing the emails on the phone. Millions of applications are available on the App store encompassing everything from recipe books to guitar tutorials and games. You can download these apps on any device running iOS either it is an iPhone or an iPad.

Android OS owned by Google and powered by Linux kernel is also running on a large number of devices. It is an open source operating system which allows developers to access free hardware and develop a new program. It means Android provide unlimited access to developers and place minimal restrictions on licensing. So, this operating system is dominating smartphone industry with a broad spectrum of users. Ability to customize multiple home screens and an excellent capacity for multitasking is something which is making Android winner among all other mobile operating systems.


A most appealing aspect of the iOS ecosystem is simplicity. The list of devices running Apple iOS is comparatively short. It means testing iOS application would be less cumbersome as compared to other mobile operating system and platforms.

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Android is surpassing iOS regarding market share. But another part of the story reveals that iOS platform accounts for more than 50% of the web usage on mobile devices. It means iOS is a most widely used operating system in mobile space. Both mobile players want to lock the user in their respective app ecosystems, but in this case, Apple is more serious than Google. You will not be able to find any support for cloud or Apple mail on Android, but Google apps are available on iPhones and iPads. Undoubtedly, Google is the most flexible choice. But if you are not concern about the cross platform compatibility then you must have to go for the Apple’s ecosystem.

Apps Available on Android Vs iOS

Google play store provide apps to Android OS. Currently, there are more than 600,000 apps are available at the Google play store most which will run on a tablet. However, there is a separate store for some Android devices such as Kindle Fire with a small selection of apps. Some originally iOS apps are available for Android.

On the other hand, Apple play store is offering more than 700,000 apps and 250,000 of which are available for iPad. iOS is developers’ first and most preferable choice for developing games. YouTube application is unavailable for iOS, but Apple app store is offering a wide range of exclusive apps and popular games. The bottom line of the story is that a wide range of exclusive apps is available on both app stores.

Software Upgrades

Google does not update Android system frequently. Users do not receive software updates on their phone, and they don’t even purchase a phone with out of date software. Phone manufacturers decide on software upgrades. These manufacturers do not offer software updates to all phones and tablets in their product line. Even the phone manufacturers’ offer upgrades few months after the launch of the new version in the market.

Whereas, iOS users have an advantage in this area. iOS upgrades are available to all the devices running iOS mobile operating system. There is an exception in the case of older devices because you cannot have all the new features in an upgrade if you have an old device.

Mobile payments and Security

Google wallet is most commonly used the app for mobile payments. Some android phones are equipped with NFC chip to make wireless payments. This service is integrated into with Google wallet, but this is not available on all Android devices. The ios payment system is known as Apple Pay. This payment system for iOS devices is integrated with fingerprint identification. Which has made mobile payment system easier to use and simpler to handle for the user? In fact, it is also said that Apple pay kindled user interest in mobile payments and prompted Android users to discover this feature on their phones. Moreover, another plus point for iOS is that iPhone is a more secure platform than Android. It means this system and application are less vulnerable to bugs and errors.

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Ultimately we can end the debate between Android OS Vs iOS on a note with the best choice for you. Android is flawed, fragmented openness and quality experience in a closed environment in case of Apple are enforcing us to recommend you iOS over Android. Transparency sounds good when we talk about a lifestyle or political philosophy, but in the case of smartphones, it is hard to beat the iOS operating system. iPhone or iOS is safe, customizable, enjoyable and easy to use. Last but not the least most significant feature is that it is connected with the best quality app store.

5 Things Going Wrong With Hardware Of Your Android!

5 Things Going Wrong With Hardware Of Your Android!

Android is known for offering exceptional reliability, stability, and protection from malware. It is taking off the training wheel from iPhones and letting the consumer choose from the swath of hardware and software. There are some great features which influence users to purchase Android. 83% of the smartphones sale is Android devices. But, at some point in time, it stops working.

WDS conducted a year-long study and revealed that Android phones are more prone to hardware issues as compared to another type of devices. According to this study, more common problems are related to keypad/button failures, microphone, and battery issues.

If you got problems with Android? Or you are using an Android phone with a cracked screen, taking pictures with the hazy camera, barely listening music and functioning with the battery which dies after 3 hours. Then don’t wonder anywhere, focus here on knowing how you can fix your hardware issues of your device. Most of the time hardware issues are relatively straightforward to be fixed. Here is the rundown of some most common problems which you can fix with less time and efforts.

Cracked Screen

Android phones are more durable than iPhones, but it does not articulate that these devices are immune to damages. Dropping a phone means you will end up looking at a cracked screen. It’s Okay if your phone is broken, it happens, but the good news is that you don’t have to buy a new one because there are several ways which can help you to repair it on your own. A smartphone with a cracked screen can ruin your day or even a month if you don’t have a right repairing option.

android cracked screen

The cheapest way to repair a screen is to fix through DIY screen replacement option or use screen protector or tape to keep the screen in current condition to increase functionality and usability of the device. Moreover, a real repairing option is to contact the manufacturer or a third party to get the screen repaired. Do some research to find out best improving service provider with a warranty on their work.

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Charging Issues

If your phone is taking ages to recharge and you are always scrambling through the charging session then don’t worry you are not alone in this journey. Many of us are facing same issues at some point in time. We all end up a long day with the phone which is the brink of dying, it is even more frustrating for many of us when we get home and plug the charger into it, but nothing happens. To get yourself back in the golden days when your phone didn’t take all night to get charge it is important for you to diagnose the issue and find a remedy for it.

android charging problems

Bad cable, bad adapter or weak power sources can cause slow charging. Moreover, obstructed USB port and a bad battery are some of the root causes behind the ailment of slow charging issue. So, to resolve the charging issue remove warped or broken charging port and a faulty cable. Try to charge your device by using another charging cable or charging adapter.

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Hazy Camera

Your camera is unable to focus on an object, and the pictures are coming out of it are blurred. You have checked camera setting and reset it, but still, you are getting blurred pictures then make sure that the problem is not with your software. Camera lenses are made up of plastic which gets scratched easily. A little smudge which is barely noticeable to the human eyes sometimes has big effects on camera lenses. To resolve this issue give your camera a splendid clean. Still, it is not working then have your lenses replaced. Quality is an important consideration for lenses. Therefore, it is advisable to get your camera lenses repaired from the manufacturer.

Water Damages

Your phone is a very high tech device with the worth of multiple hundred dollars. Whether your phone get wet with an unexpected dive into water or you drop it into a sink or toilet, then chances are very high that it will get unusable if it is not waterproof. When your phone gets wet, then turn it off immediately. Water itself have no damages for a phone but electricity of the phone can cause a problem when it meets with water. Focus on getting your phone dry. Don’t turn it on and press any key, disassemble the device and wipe the exterior with a vacuum cleaner or paper towel to dry it.

android water damage

Image courtesy: Android Authority

Failing Battery

Failing battery slows down the charging of the device or makes it die faster than the characters of Game of Thrones. Check efficient power settings of your device to check if there is failing battery issue or not. Certain apps, turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on can cause drainage of a battery in minutes. So make sure that you turn these apps and features off after using it. If there is a problem with the battery, then replace it immediately.

android battery issues

Image courtesy: TechRepublic


Android devices are the physical devices which eventually break. Android phones are considered as good smartphones, but some nasty hardware damages affect the functionality and usability of these devices. Precautionary measures are important to save your device from these occasional sufferings. Moreover, there are many other things which you can do to fix hardware issues of your Android device.

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Without A Tracking App? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Without A Tracking App? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

While carrying your Android smartphone, you happily store all your related information in the cell, including the most sensitive data too! By doing so, your data remains handy without facing the stress of memorizing complex details (for instance, your bank account number might be the toughest thing to remember!) But as your Android phone stores every sensitive information, it necessarily requires to be protected from potential thefts or losses. What if your personal data goes into the wrong hands? How would let any intruder access all your pictures, account details, login credentials, etc. so quickly? Also, how would you get back those memorable images which you have lost with your cell phone? Here we are with a way to find your lost android phone without a tracking app.

In such situations, your first wish would be to get your phone previous back. If this is not possible, you will try to recover the lost data at least, or, just to lock your cell phone to protect your personal data from being accessed by an intruder.

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How to find your lost android phone?

To combat the risks for potential thefts, and to maintain the security of your phone, you will find various apps that claim to keep your phones safe! Nevertheless, you might not have installed them, perhaps due to lack of trust, or simply because of negligence. As soon as your cell phone is with you, you may consider installing these apps as a battery draining activity, however, the moment you lost your phone, you will realize the importance of such apps.

Can I protect my cell after losing it?

Google has realized that most of its customers do not prefer installing various tracking apps on their cell phones. Thus, it has introduced an exceptional tracking feature through which you can swiftly locate your phone even after it is lost – the Android Device Manager! The best part of this function is that there is no need to install a separate application for it. Rather all you need is to sync your device with your Google account!

Though this feature was launched back in 2013, most of you might still be unaware of the importance and usefulness of this option and may have kept this option turned off in your smartphone. If you have also done the same, then this article is for you!

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How to enable tracking on my Android phone?

Well, you just need to turn on the device locator option available under the setting menu of your phone. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to protect and track your cell if it is lost.

Step 1: Turn on Device Location Manager Option

The pre-requisite to be able to track your android phone is to turn the location detector on.

  • Browse to the settings menu of the Google Settings app in your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap the ‘Android Device Manager App’ appearing below.
  • Check the box appearing with ‘Allow remote lock and factory reset’.
  • Make sure the ‘Remotely locate this device’ option is already selected. In case it isn’t, click on it.
  • Select the option saying ‘Allow remote lock and factory reset’. A new screen will pop up asking you to allow wiping your device through remote access. Proceed to turn this option on.

Step 2: Turning on Android Device Manager

Now that you have turned on the option on your cell phone, the next step is to link this option with your Google account.

  • Log in your Google account online
  • Browse to the ‘Android Device Manager’ option.
  • Recheck once again on your phone that you have correctly chosen the Android Device Manager as the device administrator. For this, tap the ‘Security’ option appearing in the Settings menu, and select the ‘Phone Administrators’ option to make sure that ‘Android Device Manager’ is checked.
  • Now, in the online ADM, choose the device which you wish to sync (that could be Android phone or tablet) from the list of devices connected to your Google account.

Now your device is secured. If at any time, you lose access to your phone owing to a potential theft or accidental loss, you can now access your device remotely through your Google account.

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Step 3: Tracking my lost Android phone

As your phone is now synced with your account, you can access it from another device where the internet is available.

  • From another device (e.g., your tablet, laptop or a PC), just sign in to your Google account that was synced with your phone.
  • Select the Android Device Manager under the Settings menu (as mentioned in Step 2).
  • Choose the desired device from the list of associated devices appearing on screen.
  • After you select your phone, you are now able to access it remotely. A new screen will pop up with a map showing the location of your phone. You can also find the other controlling options such as ‘play sound’, ‘lock’, or ‘erase’.
  • The ‘play sound’ option is suitable if you have doubt that your device is misplaced somewhere near you. Instead of asking someone else to give a bell, you can yourself ring your phone by click on the ‘play sound’. This features rings your phone for 5 minutes at the highest volume levels and works well even when your device is set on silent mode.
  • You can lock your device by just tapping the ‘lock’ option. You will have to set up a new password which will then inactivate all previously passwords saved in your phone.
  • Using the erase option, you can delete all your phone’s data. This option works best in the case of theft, or if you are sure that you cannot get your lost phone back.

These easy steps will hopefully serve as a guide for you to track your lost phone in a hassle-free manner. Nevertheless, the need for protecting your phones from thefts and damages is still essential!

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 11: Latest Features, Tips, And Tricks!

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 11: Latest Features, Tips, And Tricks!

Well, the rumors regarding Apple’s latest iOS are already being heard. It seems like Apple continues the trend of surprising its customers with something new. In the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, where the Apple has unveiled the launch of several new products, the distinct features of the latest software iOS 11 were also revealed. Apple claims to have introduced further advanced features in the iOS 11, making it more attractive than its antecedent iOS 10.

What’s the iOS 11 release date?

Well, Apple has already launched a beta version of its new software for iPhones, iPads and for its smart watch. Both iOS 11 and watchOS 4 have been released in their beta version in June 2017; whereas, their final versions will be available in September 2017. So, till then, you can make yourself familiar with the new iOS software by downloading the beta version (that too, only if you are a developer!).

It is expected that the iOS 11 will be made available with the launch of the new iPhone 7s or iPhone 8. Let’s see what these new iPhones bring with them!

What makes iOS 11 superior over the previous iOS?

Apple declares the iOS 11 as the ever best operating system for iPhones and, particularly, for iPads! Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, claims that this new iOS comes up as the biggest Augmented Reality platform – allowing developers to launch hundreds of applications by exploiting the AR technology!

Though the iOS 11 supports both the iPhones and the iPads, it is considered to be specifically designed for iPads, making them the most powerful tablets for its users. It appears as if Apple has now decided to beat every other laptop with its latest tab! It certainly has some features which are exclusively available for iPad users! (The productivity of Apple tablets will now certainly be on top!)

Though Apple didn’t disclose each and every feature of this new version, the WWDC 2017 still sufficiently provided the information regarding many of the latest developments in the iOS 11. We know that, like us, you are also curious to know about these updates. So, here we list some of the latest iOS 11 features that will bring with it! These features of iOS 11 will be available to all new iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, and iPod).

  • The App Store is Renewed

The popular App Store has now changed in the new iOS 11. With a redesigned look, it will certainly make your iPhones even more appealing! With the new interface, navigating through various apps has become much easier! The biggest change to be noticed on the first sight is the development of a separate tab for games (now, no more mixing of apps with games). In this dedicated section, you will be able to find all popular and new along with the in-app purchases for games that can be downloaded right away, in addition to the gameplay videos and various tips!

Apart from the games tab, there will be a Today tab exclusively designed for searching various desired apps, Collections, Daily List based on a certain theme, and various tutorials explaining about the new apps! (Sound cool, right?)

  • The Control Centre is Customizable

The Control Centre is finally made customizable in the latest iOS! In addition to the default toggles already available, you can now add various other toggles of your choice for fast navigation through the Control Centre. Additionally, the 3D Touch feature, new sliders, and various other new options make it more convenient to access different settings through the same page!

  • Messaging is now even more attractive

The Messages app is also getting more interesting in the newest iOS! It is updated with a new app drawer through which you can access the entire collection of decorative stickers to adorn your texts, share songs with your friends, and a lot more!

You can also record your entire message log through iCloud that syncs your conversations across all iOS devices!

  • Payments made easier through Apple Pay

We have seen smart payment options in the iOS 10; the new iOS 11 will bring even more! Apple Pay is connected with Messages and Siri apps through which you can access your contacts or ask Siri to pay someone added in your contacts list; thus making one-to-one payments much faster and convenient.

  • One-handed keyboard makes typing faster

Although it apparently seems a little amendment, with practical experience, you will notice the essentiality of this fantastic feature. With the latest one-handed QuickType keyboard, you will enjoy quicker typing as they keys move closer to your thumb for single-handed typing. The new keyboard provides you easy access to numbers, punctuation keys, and symbols.

  • Enhanced camera options bring new life to your photos

In the previous version of iOS, we have seen how the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology improved the pictures. With the new iOS 11, this OIS is backed by True Tone flash and HDR as well that support the Portrait mode too. Live Photos can be made much livelier with the loop and bounce effects; whereas, the Memory movies are now optimized for both the landscape and portrait modes. You can also reduce the size of the pictures taken with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with the newly introduced High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) technology in iOS 11. (The photo-freaks will surely be much happier with the iOS 11!)

Want to know more? The camera is also expected to have a built-in QR code scanner in it!

  • Siri has become more natural

The standard computer-generated voice of Siri will be replaced with natural male and female vocals so that you can enjoy a natural experience while talking to your assistant ‘Siri’! These voices will be included with adjustments of accent, emphasis, pitch, and rhythm while speaking. Siri is also now capable of translating English into various languages, including Mandarin, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Another exciting development in Siri app is its ability to respond to your texts. Thus, you can now communicate with your PA even when you are unable to talk!

  • The new ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode’

Apple now takes care of the driver’s safety by introducing the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode. This feature will certainly control any distractions through your iPhone or iPad while you are in the middle of a drive. With an amazing option to work automatically, your phone will detect when you are driving, and will silent all notifications keeping your screen dark. You can also set up auto-responses for your favorite contacts that will automatically be sent to them while you are driving!

  • Enjoy Music to its fullest with the latest innovations

This time, Apple seems concerned about music lovers too! The latest iOS brings with it some innovative features that will rejuvenate your experience while listening to your favorite music!

At first, the Apple Music app introduces the feature to create public profiles, using which you can access your friends’ playlists by following them! Then, the AirPlay 2 offers multi-room audio support that will help you control speakers easily while browsing through the other app such as the Home app, Control Centre, or the Siri!

The Podcast app is also rumored to be enhanced with the new software!

Can I download iOS 11 in my old iPhone?

Well, certainly you can! The best thing in the new iOS is that it can easily be downloaded in iPhones 5s and above variants; whereas, it also supports several iPad versions too, besides the iPod! Here is a list of devices that will be supported by iOS 11. If your Apple device is mentioned in the below list, then congrats! – You can easily download and enjoy the new iOS without spending money to buy another device!

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPad Air/Air 2
  • iPad mini 2/3/4
  • iPad 4th/5th generations
  • iPad Pro 9.7 inch
  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch and 12.9 inches (2nd generation)
  • iPod Touch 6th generation

In addition to the above mentioned, it will also be compatible with all new products that are rumored to be launched from now onwards!

Stay tuned to know the latest updates regarding Apple products!

Some Common Smartphone Repairs You Can Do Yourself!

Some Common Smartphone Repairs You Can Do Yourself!

Suddenly, my alarm went off, I kicked my leg out as I jolted awake, making solid contact with my phone, which was lying at the foot of my bed for some reason. It landed on the floor, and the crash was loud. My phone screen was visible, apparently cracked and the case was dented. I flipped it open and greeted with a giant blob of broken camera and the case.

We are all inextricably tethered to our smartphone devices, and it is quite frustrating when these devices break. My options were few to repair my phone. I was left with the choice to visit a technician, mail in the phone service, drop the phone into a retail store or to take the responsibility of my phone repairing on my shoulders i.e. DIY.

Smartphones are excellent devices until they break. A cracked phone is not only a continuous inconvenience, but it can also be costly. It might be tempting to know that you can fix your phone on your own. Delve the ground of DIY little deeper; you will be surprised to know that DIY is not just a repairing solution. It is less expensive and an outstanding way of learning how the electronic hardware operates. A considerable set of skills and efforts are required if your skills are not up to the snuff then get ready for a disaster. DIY phone fixing activity is not all about having all good sometimes it ends up doing more harm to the repairer than good.

Some people are successful trying DIY common smartphone repairs, but at the same time, others are not.

Sometimes a cracked screen is not useful and sometimes few common phone disasters needs a DIY repair. Before running to the nearest repairing shop stop for a while! Let’s have a look at some common problems and an exhaustive list of some tips and tricks which I have compiled to make you smart to try to fix your phone repairing issues on your own.

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Broken Screen Repair

Smartphones are not indestructible devices as small screen outdated handsets. Throw your Nokia 5210 on the floor, you will find little discernable damages, but in the case of throwing smartphone, it is harder to avoid cracking, scratching or breaking of the screen. You can remove minor scuffs and scratches by making the use of scratch remover, turtle wax (car scratch removal product) and baking soda or baby powder.

broken screen repair

There is nothing more than earth-shattering than a shattered smartphone screen. If your smartphone screen is soo scratched and it is impossible to buff out the scratches, then you can repair your screen by fixing it. In such case, the manufacturer offers expensive repairs but fixing a broken screen on your own can be simple cheap or extremely expensive depending on how it is built.  In each case, you are required to disassemble your device. Screen replacement would be costly when the glass and digitizer are fused. Screen replacement on your own will be cheaper too if both of them are not fused.

Overheated Phone

Have you ever find your phone in your pocket is scalding hot?

If so then your device is overheated. A smartphone gets heated when it works too hard or when apps like GPS or other features overwork the processor and the battery. You can cool down your phone and prevent such overheating in future by only trying some of the tips mentioned below.

over heated phone

Your phone is like a human, also need a space for breathing. Refrain from stuffing your device under the pillow and don’t keep it in your pocket for an extended period. If some apps are running on your device that relies heavily on the phone processor, then start closing them down as soon as possible. Before starting again give your phone some time for rest before you start using it. Another important consideration is to keep your phone away from heat. Don’t leave your phone charging near the heater in your house and don’t use your phone when you are lying in the sun.

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Soaked Or Water Damage Phone Repairing

Wheather clumsy waitress knocked a glass of water on your phone, or you accidentally dropped your phone in water. In both cases, you will end up with a device having lungs full of water. Getting a cell phone wet means, you have lost your device, and you need o replace it immediately. You can save your wet phone by following some of these steps. First,  of all get your phone out of the water if it is fully submerged in water.

water damaged smartphone repair

Image Courtesy: Android Authority

Remove the battery immediately to keep the device safe from short circuit. Don’t turn your device off and avoid pressing buttons. You have to power down the device carefully if it ‘s hard to remove the battery. Remove the SIM card if you want to save your contacts and other information which your SIM have. If the device is broken, then you will be in need of SIM card for your new device. Another important step is to remove the case and softly wipe the remaining water from the phone. After driving the exterior of your device, you need something to absorb water on the interior. Rice or a desiccant, like silica gel, are tried and true remedy to dry the interior of your device.

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A damaged phone is never fun, but these easy DIY cell phone repairs can make your phone repairing experience great. If you are a technological dabbler with a broken phone and some spare time, then start fixing your device on DIY. A Little understanding and a particular set of tools and equipment is a must for successful repairing of your device on your own.

watchOS 4: A Wonderful Innovation In The Apple Watch Software!

watchOS 4: A Wonderful Innovation In The Apple Watch Software!

Apple has a norm to keep bringing something new to its customers. This is the reason why Apple’s popularity has increased significantly over the years, outnumbering many of its competitors.

Recently, Apple has announced the launch of the ‘watchOS 4’ software for its Apple Watch in WWDC 2017. Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, claims that the new watch is now even more intelligent, enabling its users to cherish a personalized experience. It means we will now be fascinated with a much improved and upgraded Apple Watch than before!

When will the watchOS 4 be available?

It is anticipated that the new watchOS will be launched later this year, possibly in September 2017, after passing through all the beta testing! If you are also an Apple fan and are eager to have this new smartwatch you have to keep waiting till then! Alternatively, you can sign-up as a beta tester and enjoy using the beta version which will be available by the end of June. Later on, after the release of the final watchOS 4, you can upgrade to the latest version. But obviously, you have to wait for the final word on the watch OS 4 release date by Apple.

What’s new in the Apple Watch?

Although the upgraded version may not have any substantial changes, as the watchOS comes in a further improved form with every update, it is believed to come up with some even better modifications this time! Listed here are some of the advancements which the new watchOS 4 is expected to have!

watchos 4

1. Customizable Home Screen Layout:

For all those who are tired of the conventional honeycomb view, watchOS 4 has launched the option to change it to the grid view. Moreover, the apps will also appear as a stack in your dock, thus saving you from repeated horizontal swiping on the screen. You can also sort your most used apps with watchOS 4!

The renovated home screen (particularly the grid view option) is expected to be highly welcomed since it caters your need for a quick view (a feature typical for a smart watch).

2. Siri Has Now Her Own ‘Siri’ Watch Face:

The famous ‘Siri’ now comes in with a very own proactive watch face – the ‘Siri’ watch face! Each time the user raises the wrist or turns on the watch face, the most relevant user info is displayed such as the traffic situation, weather conditions, reminders, scheduled meetings, etc. The information is based on the current date/time, the data stored in related apps including the Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, Activity, Workout, Alarms, and the updates from the Apple News app.

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3. Some Other New Watch Faces:

Apart from the Siri watch face, the watchOS 4 also brings some more watch faces. The first being the Kaleidoscope watch face that displays enchanting visual patterns by changing shapes. This watch face can be rotated using the Digital Crown.

The other watch faces are added to the group of Disney characters. We will now see the popular Toy Story characters, Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear in the Apple watch! You will also observe significant improvements in the behavior of these watch faces. For instance, the characters are now visually speaking with longer animations. Each time the wrist is rotated, the watch faces come up with a different behavior.

4. Colorful Watch Bands Enhances Your Look:

To make the watches look more ‘cool’, Apple has brought some vibrant watchbands for its customers. So, you can now wear your smartwatch with a band of your favorite color. This time, you are offered with vivacious Sports Bands and the Nike Sports Band options, with a bright yellow Classic Buckle. Continuing the trend of bringing diversity, Apple also offers the Pride Edition Woven Nylon in a rainbow stripe.

5. Activity App Now Sends Personalized Notifications:

The Activity app has been one the most attractive features of the Apple watch, particularly for those who are obsessed with achieving daily goals. The watchOS 4 also brings a smarter version of this app, which means you will now have a better ‘coach’ to monitor your activity goals.

With the new Apple watch, you will be excited to complete your Activity Rings, since the app keeps you updated on your progress throughout the day! You will receive regular notifications about your progress having a tone of encouragement. After accomplishing the goals, you will also receive enchanting congratulatory messages.

6. Stay Fit With ‘Workout’:

Apple’s Workout app has already proved to be the best companion for those fitness freaks! In the updated version, the app appears to be even more concerned for you to experience some real workout sessions. The latest features introduced in the app are sure to impress you with their accuracy!

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With the updated Workout app, you can enjoy better swimming sessions as the app continues to detect your movement and resting positions. It reads every rest at the end of the pool as the end of the first lap and the starting of a second one, thus recording accurate timings for you!

Another fascinating addition is its synchronization with the gym equipment. You can connect your watch to the machine by tapping the NFC tag (of course, it depends on whether your gym supports this option). In this way, the inaccuracy of treadmill records will not annoy you anymore, since there will be a two-way data exchange between your watch and the machine, providing you with accurate sessions records. The modified app is added with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, which notes down your heart rate.

Your Apple Watch has also become smart enough to realize that you do not want any annoying notifications during your workout. Thus, it will automatically turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode as soon as you begin; in the same way, it will be turned off at the end of your session!

Lastly, you can refresh yourself during these exhaustive sessions by listening to your favorite music. (Seems Apple has realized that workouts can, at times, be tiresome!) Just swipe to the left in your workout menu to see the options.

7. Enjoy Refreshing Experience With the New Music App:

When everything in your new Apple Watch has been modernized, how can the Music app be ignored? You can now relish listening to your favorite songs more conveniently through the redesigned Music app which syncs the Favorites, New Music, and the Most Played music. By rotating the Digital Crown, you can scroll through the fantastic album art! The latest Apple Watch will also support multiple playlists. (What more do you require from a smart watch?)

8. One-to-One Payment Is Now Easy:

Your watch will now make payment procedures secure for you. You can now enjoy making faster direct payments to your friends through ‘Apple Pay’ using Messages or Siri. The user will receive the amount in their Apple Pay Cash account, from where they can directly send it to someone, move it to their bank accounts, or can make purchases in stores and apps using Apple Pay.

Apart from the above features, the new Apple Watch will also be having a blinking light, which can be activated via Control Centre. Thus, it will also make your night runs easy. It is also claimed that the new watchOS will be much more responsive having an improved background app performance.

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The introduction of glucose monitoring option is also being heard, but there isn’t much information about it at present. Who knows what other surprises may come up with this new Apple watch!

Get The Best Out Of Your iPhone 7: Some Useful Apple Tips And Tricks!

Get The Best Out Of Your iPhone 7: Some Useful Apple Tips And Tricks!

While talking about an iPhone, the first thing that strikes your mind is a cool cell phone with great features. Most of us become a fan of it due to its basic features – a remarkable camera, secure accessibility, longer battery time, fast processor, etc. But, is iPhone all about these general features? Ever pondered what else could be done to get the best results from your iPhone? Here are some Apple tips and tricks that will make you able to fully utilize your iPhone.

All You Need To Know About Apple Tips And Tricks!

The newer versions, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, are equipped with an even better version of iOS. However, there are some other features as well that will indeed keep you glued to your phone. Though the design of latest versions is not as attractive, here are some very useful tips and tricks that will make you realize how good it is to have the latest iPhone!

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apple tips and tricks

1. Enjoy A Customizable Home Button:

Missing the older physical home button on your iPhone? Well, though it can’t be restored in the newer versions, the best part of the onscreen home button is that it is customizable.  It gives feedback in the form of vibrations. Just go through the home button settings, and choose your desired level of feedback.

2. Enjoy Waterproof Functioning:

This is something that has been a temptation in the latest iPhones for everyone! Its water resistance doesn’t mean that you can freely swim while keeping your phone in your pocket! However, the chances of accidental damage because of water are now much more minimized. These phones have been tested to function well after being kept in 1-meter deep water for about 30 minutes (still a better feature though!).

3. Set Up Better Passcodes For Security:

At first instance, the demand for a six-digit passcode may screw you up if you prefer having conventional four-digit codes. But relax, your iPhone 7 gives you the option to select the classic 4-digit passcode too! Browse through the settings and click on ‘passcode options’ to choose the desired mode. You can also set up an alphanumeric passcode to make your phone more secure!

Striving to improve communication with your friends, Apple has launched some exciting options in the latest iOS 10! These additions will definitely make messaging an enjoyable experience for you!

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4. Send ‘Invisible Messages’ To Your Friend:

Another attractive feature in iOS 10 is the provision of sending secure messages by making them invisible. Sounds, interesting, right?

It’s not so hard to make your messages invisible. Just type your message, and press and hold the send arrow to reveal the effects interface. From here, click on ‘invisible ink’ to make the text invisible. When received by your friend, the text will not appear unless he/she deliberately taps the message.

5. Send Handwritten Messages Too:

As in recent antecedents (iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus), iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also give you the option to send handwritten messages to your friends in a hassle-free manner! Just rotate your phone to the landscape mode while chatting. Then, you will see a canvas where you can write whatever you want by swiping your finger on the phone screen. Once your message is complete, click on ‘done’; your message will now be sent in the hand-written form.

6. Double-tap Spacebar to Add Full Stop:

Though it may sound a bit unimportant, you will realize the time-saving facility of this option while practically using it. Now, you don’t need to browse through the symbols menu to add a full stop; just double-tap the space button quickly to end up your sentence!

7. Quick ‘Undo’ Options:

You may see an ‘undo’ button in the keyboard when you are typing in the landscape mode. However, what if you are using portrait mode?

Well, there is a hidden shortcut for it in the portrait mode (though it may sound a bit shaky). Whenever you want to undo your last action, just give your phone a ‘shake’, and the undo/redo dialogue box will pop-up!

Seeing the range of new camera options in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it seems Apple has recognized the craze for taking selfies and photos. Below are some of the outclass camera features that you can enjoy on your latest iPhone!

8. The Lock Screen Camera Shortcut Is Still There:

Do you also miss the standard lock screen camera shortcut in your latest iPhone? Well, the feature is still available in your cell, it’s just that, it is hidden. You can still enjoy the shortcut by swiping on the lock screen to the left; the camera will open instantly.

9. More Better Pics For ‘Selfie’ Lovers:

This time, both iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus come with remarkable features to take clearer and realistic self-images. Besides improving front camera from 5MP to 7MP, you can take better pictures with other incredible features, including the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), 4-LED boosted flash and wider lens aperture, even in low light conditions! Moreover, the dual camera feature is also a ‘plus’ in iPhone 7 plus! You will discover other useful features yourself when using your phone’s camera.

10. Your Live Photos Are Even Better Now:

In previous variants, the option for taking ‘live photos’ was introduced; however, it was not giving accurate results. In the latest iPhone 7, forget about the previous shaky live photos. You can enjoy taking ‘live photos’ with better results due to the stabilization feature. Moreover, editing options are now also offered, making your live photos appear even better!

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11. Take Pictures During Video Recording:

Have you missed taking snaps of some memorable moments only because you were recording a video? Then your iPhone 7 has made your wish come true, as you can now capture any striking instance amidst video recording!

While shooting a video, just tap on the camera button appearing on-screen, and you can capture any moment without breaking your video. The quality of the picture may not be as best as generated through the camera mode, the result is, however, still good to be preserved as a picture!

Are you a music lover too? Apple has also taken care of music fans by introducing improved features for a better sound. Wondering how?

12. You Can Still Enjoy Headphones:

Here is good news for all those iPhone users who miss headphone jack in the newer version. Apple provides an adapter with every iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, by which you can connect headphones having 3.5mm jack to it. So, if you just have bought an iPhone 7, or are going to buy one, don’t miss the adapter present in the box below the EarPods.

 13. Enjoy Music With Lyrics:

Apple has now introduced an interesting feature for its music-lover customers – the option to get the lyrics! While listening to music in your iPhone 7, tap the ‘now playing’ option to see the options available for your song, then click on the dotted lines to bring up another menu having the option of ‘Lyrics’ – you can now sing along accurately while listening to the song!

Presently, this feature is in development phase; if the option doesn’t seem working for a song, it means Apple has yet to add it to the library!

Aren’t these features fascinating? But wait, the story is not over yet, as your iPhone 7 brings some more interesting options for you!

14. Turn off Haptic Feedbacks:

By default, your iPhone sends feedback in the form of vibrations for every function you perform. This feature is now, however, customizable. Your phone gives you the option to turn these vibrations on or off!

15. Customizable ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature:

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ option is, indeed, one of the most useful features in your iPhone, ensuring no disturbance when you are working or want to sleep! You can also set up the hours or timings each day during which you want complete isolation.

A useful addition to it is the provision of adding exceptions in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. It means you will still be notified about any urgent messages/calls from your favorite contacts, without being bothered by others!

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16. Customizable ‘raise-to-wake’ option:

One of the exciting features introduced in iOS 10 is the option to unlock your phone just by picking it up! It saves the time that would otherwise be spent on swiping the screen to unlock! However, if you still want to unlock screen manually, you can easily turn this option off through the settings menu!

17. Remove Useless Default Apps Too:

By default, your iPhone is provided with a range of apps that may only be a ‘clutter’ for you if you don’t use them, but deleting such apps was not possible! However, the newest variants of iPhone give you the option to remove one or more default apps that are not necessary for you! These apps can easily be reinstalled at the time of need from the app store!

18. Purchase Apps For Your Family:

That’s right! Your iPhone allows you to share your purchased apps with your loved ones free of cost! Just enable ‘Family Sharing’ through the settings, add the name of the person(s) with whom you want to share the app under the ‘Add Family Member’ option, and send an invitation to him/her via email or message. Now the other person just needs to visit the App Store and click on ‘Purchased’ and browse to the desired app to start the download.

If we compare iPhone 7 with the previous variations, we may not notice a significant difference in their designs. Nevertheless, if we focus on the range of options offered in the latest version, iPhone 7 will appear to be the best product! The tips given here are merely a highlight of how your iPhone can serve you at its best!

Apple Took A Long Way To Look Red Like An Apple!

Apple Took A Long Way To Look Red Like An Apple!

Apple unveiled the new colored variant of its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It, not just another fancy colorway for the flagship but the sheen and luster is going far away beyond aesthetics. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the bright red aluminum finish is something which is stunning, incredibly exciting and attractive for the red lovers.

The tech giant, Apple, always considered the appetite for its color variants, from day iPhone, came in white to subsequent addition of gold, rose, black and jet black to the range. Apple, with a lack of fanfare rare, revealed its first ever designed Apple iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition, to support fighting against AIDS. It is now in stores and coming ahead turning a bright shade of red. iPhone 7 looks stunning with fiery crimson back, amplified by the slightly lighter shade of antenna band that catches light. Internally, this special Edition phone is identical to all iPhone 7 models. The shade of anodized aluminum rear is a break from convention. Stainless steel logo to the back of the phone is also making it different from other models of iPhone 7.

Why Apple Turned Out to be RED?

Say welcome to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition!

Apple launched iPhone, finished vibrant red aluminum in recognition of more than ten years of partnership with the charity (RED).

apple red

Recently launched iPhone 7 Product (RED) is a contribution to fight against AIDS. It is not a first Red product from Apple. In 10 years of partnership, the company has launched RED iPod Touch, RED iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle along with covers for the iPad. Even Apple auctioned Mac Pro in RED Edition for approximately $977,000 and a pair of gold Apple EarPods part of RED edition sold for over $400,000. You might be thinking about the deal behind these RED colored products. Apple red is not all about offering iPhone and iPods which the user can flaunt, but these Special Edition devices are the result of a partnership between Apple and the (RED).

(RED), a charity organization founded in 2006 by U2 lead singer Bono and Bobby Shriver, an activist, and attorney. The objective of this brand is to engage the private sector in raising awareness and funds to eliminate HIV/AIDS. Many other brands such as Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, Motorola, GAP, American Express, Armani involved in launching (RED) Edition Products. The idea behind the partnership of Apple with (RED) is to donate the 50% profits from these (RED) Edition products to (RED) organization and to contribute to The Global Fund to the fight against AIDS/ HIV.

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Apple has been partnering with (RED) for last ten years. Cupertino technology giant is raising significant sums for the organization. It has reported that in 2013 the company raised over $65 million for the charity in its fight against AIDS. (RED) Acknowledged that Apple was leading the crew by adding $130 million to this funds. Not just hardware products are available in RED edition Apple also had Special Edition apps where funds from all in purchase apps were devoted to The Global Funds.

The Global Funds used the antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for HIV patients in Sub-Saharan African nations. These drugs are used to suppress the HIV and ensure that the patients remain AIDS-free and live a healthy life. AIDS and HIV is a serious problem in many countries despite new medication which is still very expensive. The Global Funds working towards the eradication of HIV and AIDS and Apple is significantly contributing to this cause of social responsibility. Don’t wonder the existence of Apple (RED) because it is more than just color.

Big Reasons to Fall in Love with Red

The Apple iPhone 7 Product (RED) another fancy colorway for the flagship. There is plenty of reasons to Love new red-tinged iPhone 7. Here is the glimpse of those reasons:

The iPhone 7 Product(RED) is For A Good Cause

Apple will add a certain amount of fund to the Global Fund for HIV and AIDS for each device sold. You are purchasing iPhone 7 (RED) means you are contributing to a good cause. Apple is the largest contributor to The Global Funds that supports HIV and AIDS programs. Make sure that Apple has already managed to shell out $130 million. The money which Apple is earning from you goes into an attempt to rid the world of AIDS once and for all. Buying Product(RED) is saving lives and Apple is doing an excellent job by raising money for AIDS fundings. You will not only find iPhone 7  inimitable from a design perspective but the for a cause too.

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Just Look at This Thing of Beauty

A wide range of publications and pictures are not doing justice with the iPhone 7 Product (RED). On the web, it looks washed out and dull, but real life encounters a different story. iPhone 7 Product (RED) is a thing of beauty and most obvious is the red matte finished back panel of the device. Subtle gradient and shading effects are making the product much more dynamic and unique.

Sharp red back and bright white front bezels, is something more than a perfect color combination which is bringing to mind an actual, honest-to-goodness Apple. Meanwhile, stainless steel rear Apple Logo with reflective silver color is an addition to the beauty of the device.

The Details and Subtle Design Elements

The red color is the most striking feature of the device, but subtle design elements are making iPhone 7 (Product) RED fantastic. It is evident that Apple has carefully considered the theme of the device and prominent features as well. Well, blended antennas slightly raised camera bump to provide different looks from various intensities of light are some of those features.

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Apple, remarkable tech giant and an iconic brand in the world stands for innovation because an invention is nothing without innovation. To cut the story short, the iPhone 7 (Product) RED is not just a tinge of color; this adaptive hue changed its luster and contrast. In better words, we can say that you will fall in love with this eye candy because of a real and an innovative cause behind this.

Apple iPhone 8: Everything We Think We Know About It!

Apple iPhone 8: Everything We Think We Know About It!

Spectators are all geared up to watch Apple, as it raises the curtains to put on view it’s much awaited iPhone 8. The joy of iPhone 7 was eclipsed halfway through its first year by the news of the upcoming prodigy. From the created hype about what Apple has to offer, it is speculated that the releasing date might be pushed forward to somewhere towards the end of 2017. As if to make up for the delay there is a possibility that you might see three iPhone models this year, with modest upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to be introduced in September and rolling out the red carpet for the grand, feature-rich iPhone 8.

The ambitious plans of Apple for the device has made people watch out for any piece of news that might give a clue about what they might witness. A lot of guess working and rumors have spread and here is all that we gathered, yet we are insatiable and all ears!

Word on the street has it that, iPhone 8 will beat all the previous iPhone records as the leaks have put a halt at any new purchases for the would-be buyers.

Features That Could Expectedly Appear In Apple iPhone 8!

Glassy Body

A glass backed-body is replacing the conventional aluminum body, being used since 2012. The glass was adopted previously for iPhone 4 and 4s, but would now be re-introduced and will be more hard-wearing and sturdy. It will give the phone a more glossy and shiny appearance and trump the multitude of aluminum body smartphones. Rumor has it that only iPhone 8 will possess this lustrous body, but according to Ming-chi Kuo, the KGI analyst, all three sets will have a glass-bodied design, with a stainless steel frame for the higher-end iPhone and aluminum body for the remaining two. This backs up a claim from a source that now seems quite reliable, that Apple is experimenting with a ‘glass sandwich design.’ Sounds appetizing, right?

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Display And Screen

Apple intends to introduce its OLED screen instead of the much held on to LCD. OLED is more flexible and allows Apple to make the phone bezel razor-thin. Apple placed an order for 100 million OLED’s to Samsung which further justifies the rumor. OLED comes with an advantage of Truetone that changes the white balance of the display, to be consistent with the ambient light. The Bloomberg report in April stated that Apple is testing a screen that measures out to be larger than iPhone 7 Plus but could be held within the body size of iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 8 screen

Image courtesy: 9to5Mac

The other uncertainty that arose was whether the screen would be curvy or flat. It might be curvy as suggested by the Bloomberg report, that Apple is testing prototypes that slope slightly on the front and back (the screen itself is flat, while the cover glass curves into a steel frame).

The home button seems to be missing?! Oh no, wait! It looks like Apple has planned to embed the home screen button in the display itself.

Dual Lens Rear & An Innovative Front Facing Shooter

Cameras are the strongest feature whether it be an iPhone or any other smartphone, but as always iPhone stands out among the rest.

In a recent rumor, MacOtakra says that the camera might have same functionality to that iPhone 7 Plus but the vertical layout added may enable better use inside a virtual reality headset. Ming-chi Kuo, on the other hand, brags about a “revolutionary” infrared sensor that can sense the three-dimensional space in front of it. The Korea Economic Daily talks about the collaboration between Apple and LG to create a dual camera module allowing 3D photography. Although, Apple had patented 3D-object and gesture recognition, cross your fingers and wait for the outcome!

Resistance Against Water

An advancement over the IP67 certification earned by iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has been made with the featuring of IP68 water-resistant rating. The iPhone would be able to withstand 1.5 meters of water for up to half an hour and also would be dust protected. So, brief encounter with water might not cost you your phone BUT do not throw caution out the window since there might not be a warranty covering water damage, as was the case with iPhone 7.

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Wireless Charging Technology

No more battling with wires!

Wireless charging has long been rumored for the future iPhone’s. JPMorgans statement that Broadcom would supply chips for wireless charging supports the rumor but is somewhat surprising since Apple claimed to build its own wireless tech. Ironically, Reuters reports the working of five groups with Apple on wireless charging technology.

The glass body hints at inductive charging, allowing charge through magnetic coil. Though implementation seems to leave a question mark, few rumors suggest that it will be achieved through a separate accessory purchased separately.

Air Pods

The wireless charging also contends that headphone jack adapter won’t be included. These instantly detect when they are in your ears and thus play music accordingly. They possess microphones, so now you have the power to control your music, play with the music levels and use our very own SIRI to check your battery level! One analyst suggested free air pods presence but don’t set your eyes on that one!

the new apple iphone 8


It seems odds-on that iPhone 8 is to have a range of advanced biometric features such as facial recognition or iris scanning, enabling a response on touching either side of the phone. New Touch ID technology will be introduced, built under the glass of the display enhancing transactional security.

It looks as if the front facing camera has quite a responsibility on its shoulder! With it, you might not need any avatar for games as a three-dimensional selfie would be generated on its own. Your best photos would be recognized by you facial recognition abilities. Wet hands? Don’t worry, facial recognition and iris scanning can aid in unlocking the phone!

Notable Improvements In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, is another curiosity-arousing feature. CEO Tim Cook said that new iPhone would emphasize on AI, helping you with, from finding your parked car to streaming music. He also concluded that AI would increase battery life, though no further detail was provided.

What To Expect In Charging Port?

Kuo denied Wall Streets Journals news regarding abandoning the lightening port and going with the USB-C port. Switching connectors is an option Apple wouldn’t go for without re-evaluating its strategies. Kuo is although is a reliable source; we can’t be indifferent to WSJ’s remark, perhaps Apple had considered the idea.

Apple’s Virtual Assistant Siri

The Digitimes features a rumor about enhancing Siri. Although the information seems to be vague, one could only wonder what an enhancement version of SIRI would look like. It could tune the personal assistant’s ability to respond to contextual requests and commands.

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What About The Battery?

The prospective battery life has said to be extended owing to the “bigger battery.” A larger battery might be used to support the OLED and biometric features but when can only guess! The news is that a stacked logic board design will be installed supporting longer battery life. The logic board will offer the same battery life as in the 5.5 inch iPhone in a device the size of the 4.7 inch iPhone. An L-shaped two-cell battery pack with a capacity around 2,700 mAh is accounted.

iphone 8 battery

Image courtesy: MacRumors

A Rough Sketch!

There is a possibility that we could hit the miss, but the final design might look somewhat like this. The edge-to-edge rumor might be true, but we can easily see the resemblance between Samsung Galaxy series! The high-end phone would definitely be special when it comes to features it has to offer, but we have delayed the verdict part till its launch!

What Will Be The Release Date?

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 release date is still ambiguous and no one exactly knows about it. But according to rumors floating on the web, the iPhone 8 is likely to be launched in September 2017 on the 10th anniversary of Apple. However, some report depicts that it won’t be available until the fourth quarter of 2017 or even earlier 2018 as well.

Does It Really Worth $1000?

With all these features installed, it is not hard to say that the price would soar with every added feature. So, all you iPhone lovers start saving up!

Kuo believes that the iPhone 8 price would even cross $1000 as does Fast Company. The 256GB version of iPhone 7 Plus is already $969 which justifies if iPhone 8 128GB and 256GB are for $999 and $1099, believes Simon Jankowski, an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

All in all one should be prepared for it might cost you a fortune!

We might not be looking at the Apple’s iPhone 8 final design, but nothing is confirmed yet, so hold your breath and remain glued to your seats as the curtain is drawn by Apple.

How To Master iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus? (Tips & Tricks)

How To Master iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus? (Tips & Tricks)

The introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have totally flipped the mobile industry upside down. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are two aggressive breaks from convention, wrapped in a case that look exactly similar to its predecessors. Continuity of the design, entirely new camera system, brightest and most colorful display is definitely a break from convention. Flagship phone of Apple, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is a transnational step to the vision of future, but it is not a complete expression of it. The seventh generation of the most famous product of Apple is incredibly a fantastic device.

iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus

Image courtesy: 9to5mac

Traditional mobile gadgets have the capability of making calls, accessing the internet and playing music. iPhone made the mobile experience more accessible and exciting for the first time in history. iPhone introduced in 2007 inspired a generation of copycats. It has totally changed the game for hardware and software in mobile Industry. Today, Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus seizing a lot of power away from phone companies by making an outstanding addition in the history of iPhone.

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iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus: Tips And Tricks To Master Them!

Look back and trace the lineage of iPhone 7 and 7 plus back to its initial concept. You will find few surprises as well as differences in the seventh generation of iPhone. It is an iteration on previous with little differences in terms of design and operational requirements. Now, with iPhone 7, transform your whole mobile phone experience. Read the full story to know how you can master this new exciting device.

Apps, Stickers, and iMessage Games to Download

Own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus? Try most new iMessage Apps, sticker packs and games for the latest and greatest operating system, iOS 10. An iMessage App store, a most impressive feature of iPhone 7,  let the user download apps, games, and the stickers to use in iMessage conversation without leaving message app. iMessage App store is an extension of iPhone 7 that live in your iMessage conversations.

iOS 10 is the simple message app which is transforming the bare bones of texting platform into fun, interactive communication services and helping the user to take advantage of games, apps, drawing, stickers, message effects and much more. There are different scrolling panes each with a different app. Follow the below-mentioned steps if you haven’t installed an iMessage app.

  • Click App Store icon next to the text box in message
  • In bottom left corner tap four-dot icon
  • Hit the “+Store” icon

how to master iphone 7

Image courtesy: iPad Help

These small apps live within your iMessage conversation. These are most excellent and most helpful as these are providing you information and content which you need for a conversation and let you play games in iMessage group discussions.

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iOS 10 Features You Must Try

iOS, proprietary mobile operating system, runs the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. iOS 10 is the biggest software releases to date and coming with a lot to discover in iPhone 7. A lot of new features are hidden in iOS 10 just to make users hunt. Here are our favorite new features which you will definitely want to try.


Image courtesy: Manual tutorials

In iPhone 7 have text conversation from a locked screen. You can turn read receipts on a particular thread. Under-appreciated addition to iOS is live Photo editing feature. Through simple one-tap toggle, you can turn your photos into the short form of GIFs. Edit live photos for the first time in history. This super groundbreaking feature is bringing live photos on par with static shots. Get rid of the cluster of collection Apple apps in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus because you have the opportunity to delete a stock app which you think a crap or don’t need them.

Apple iOS 10 made it possible to convey a point faster and easier? Emojify is worth a try? Apple wants us to converse in emoji. Emojify all your texts for a day and enjoy the conversation.

Some Setting Tips and Tricks

iPhone 7 is not different from iPhone 6 or the one before. A set of perplexing rules, options, and setting panels are refreshments from the convention. It would be frustrating to figure out how to take advantage of new perks or how to revert something back. Users, who haven’t upgraded in two years, have to wrap their heads around 3D touch for the first time with iPhone 7. The new addition of bedtime feature changed Apple clock App a little bit. You can use bedtime feature to maximize by reminding you to sleep at the particular time of the day and wake up at the same time every day. Apple’s TouchID fingerprint reader was fast and work even when the user doesn’t want it. Therefore, in iOS 10, Apple has changed it now you have to press the home button to unlock your phone. If you want to adjust the unlock settings you can head over to settings, tap accessibility and find options for the home button.

iphone 7 vs iphone 7 plus

Image courtesy: iMore

Built-in flashlight on iPhone is something which saves you when you hunt for keys in your bags. Locked screen of iPhone 7 has made it comfortable and bright for you. There are three different light setting accessible through 3D touch. Locked screen of iOS 10 is a lot stronger than ever before. Left swipe allow you to access the camera and swipe right to access a huge list of actionable and customizable widgets. Redesigned Control Center in iOS 10 legitimate to utilize the 3D touch. Use hard press on any of the four icons available in the bottom row and do things like automatically set timers and on selfie cam mode. You can also free up the home screen for software that matters and bury apps like calculator and camera in folders.